About Us

We created Ripl to empower every small-business owner to build an amazing brand.

Most of us on the Ripl team have had a front-row seat for the social media marketing revolution. Many of us are small-business owners—just like you.

Social media has exploded, with businesses and brands posting an ever-increasing amount of new content every day. However, certain kinds of posts work better than others. Research shows that compelling animated videos earn the highest engagement and customer response rates (likes, follows, reshares, etc.). This leads to increased customer loyalty, stronger customer advocacy, and more new customers over time.

But why should companies with big marketing budgets and expensive digital content creation teams be the only ones that get to win at social media?

Small businesses also need a compelling brand identity and online customer engagement in order to compete, grow, and thrive. Your customers will tell your story best if you provide them with a memorable story to share and make it easy for them to show their love.

Ripl is the mobile app designed to help you do just that.

We built Ripl because ambitious small-business owners are always in motion. We made Ripl simple, quick, and intuitive because business tools should do the work for you, not make more work for you. We designed our Ripl Pro premium membership with special features that help anyone build dynamic, beautifully branded animated videos in minutes.

Simply put, we built Ripl for YOU!

Thanks for trying Ripl. It’s a marketing team in your pocket!

Leadership Team

Clay McDaniel

Paul Ingalls


Before founding Ripl, Paul was the co-founder and CTO of Smilebox, leading the product team through the company’s sale to Incredimail (now Perion) for $40 million. He was a dev manager at RealNetworks, where he helped create the casual games business, leading and later managing the technical team that built RealArcade, the first app store. Paul is an Agile Team Coach, Notre Dame alum, and Microsoft Kinect Accelerator Mentor, #goirish

Clay McDaniel

Clay McDaniel


An experienced marketing and digital media executive, Clay has founded new companies (Spring Creek Group, acquired by Interpublic Group) and led global marketing teams (ProQuest; Mediabrands Audience Platform-IPG; Microsoft). Prior to Ripl, Clay and Paul worked together building the RealArcade Games business at RealNetworks. #mktg @arsenal @soundersfc #art #trout #flyfishing #bikes @pnballet #Seattle ...and tacos

Ripl Headquarters

3006 Northup Way
Ste 103
Bellevue, WA 98004