Customer Success Partner

Ripl invites people with a love of helping people to join our expanding team.

Ripl is a growing company preserving our startup roots as we become a leading social media marketing tool for small businesses and communities. We’re loving, passionate and resilient. We value grit, courage, drive, and integrity - we all have lives outside of work that matter too but will go above and beyond to make Ripl great.

As a Customer Success Partner, you’re essentially a translator - bridging the gap between users experiences and technical situations. If a Ripl customer has a question or feedback, they reach out to our support team via email or social media. We make sure nobody goes unanswered!

A typical day might include:

  • Offer a prospective customer information about Ripl and Ripl Pro
  • Iron out a billing issue or help cancel a subscription
  • Send a customer directions for sharing from the Ripl app
  • Troubleshoot why a user can’t access their account
  • Chat with developers about how a new feature might impact customers
  • Send clues to the development team to help resolve a potential issue
  • Brainstorm with fellow team members to come up with new ideas for making our customer experience better

  • This job might be for you if:

    You enjoy solving problems. You love taking on challenges and finding creative solutions. You’re not easily flustered. If you don’t know the answer, you’ll dig until you find it.

    You love helping people. You find satisfaction when people figure it out. You are patient, level-headed and cool under pressure. Teaching someone something new makes you feel happy.

    You pay attention to the details. You stay focused and nothing falls through the cracks on your watch.

    You communicate clearly. You write well. You’re comfortable explaining things to people in person and over email.

    You are motivated and driven. You volunteer for new challenges without waiting to be asked. You’re going to take ownership of the time you spend with us and truly make a difference.


    Full-time, salary. Weekend/Evening Hours. Flexible schedule with work from home days available.


    Please submit your resume to