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Social media marketing for real estate

Create professional social media posts to grow 
your real estate business on social media.


Real estate templates


Share your next open house, welcome a new team member, or announce a new listing.


Post your home staging tips, create a dream home inspiration post, or share a tutorial.


Customize templates for seasons and holidays, behind the scenes, inspirational quotes, 
and customer testimonials.

Ripl’s top tips for real estate social marketing

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Build your brand

Social media provides a platform on which to build your brand. When used in combination with other tactics, this can result in a strong overall brand presence.

Ripl helps build your brand by providing a one-stop app for your social media marketing and making it easy to create beautiful, professional social media content. Plus, you can save your brand fonts and colors in Ripl so your posts are always on-brand and consistent.

Engage your community

Social media allows us to connect with people who share our interests in our communities. It’s an especially important tool to use if your business success depends on the support of your community, as real estate does.

Making sure you have a strong presence within your community is key to business success.


It's not all about the sale

Diversify your social feed to keep followers engaged and interested. Include a variety of:

• Stories
• Static posts
• Videos
• Slideshows

A diversified feed can make you more relatable and keeps followers interested, while simultaneously building your brand and trust with your customers.


Join thousands of Ripl users and grow your business on social media

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Customer testimonials

“Creating a post on Ripl is fast and simple. You can create anywhere, and easily maintain your brand.”

- Pamela M Jensen of

Reality World Real Estate

"Ripl is a terrific App that I use all the time for Real Estate ads. Thank you Team - you’re all very responsive! I appreciate your help."

- Dianne

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