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4 buyer personas to drive your social media marketing

Understanding your customers' social media habits and how they like to be sold to is at the heart of a sustainable social media marketing strategy and long-term success with your sales.

The best way to do this is to think about your customers in terms of what motivates them. Many marketers organize these concepts into buyer personas. Buyer personas are a helpful tool in building your marketing strategy to ensure you’re reaching the correct audience with your messaging and content.

Read on to learn about four buyer personas that can help drive more sales for your small business.

Assertive Andy

Andy is assertive—he knows what he wants and takes measured action to get it. He cares more about results than personal relationships. You can recognize Andy by the way he speaks in declarative sentences and asks few questions. Don't be surprised if he comes off as a bit demanding.

How to sell to assertive buyers:

Because assertive buyers already know what they want, it’s best to be direct and to the point with them. Focus on end results rather than features, assertive buyers want to know how you’re going to help them get to their end goal.

Social media templates for assertive buyers

Amiable Amy

Amy is amiable, meaning she values collaboration and teamwork. This can come at the expense of making quick decisions which means a longer sales process. Amy is friendly and a good listener which makes conversation come more naturally. Use this knowledge to guide this customer type through the purchasing process.

How to sell to amiable buyers:

Collaboration is essential to amiable buyers. Understand that their decision-making process is slow as you draw out their questions and needs. Use this information to find aspects that will make them feel most comfortable. These types of buyers aren’t fans of change, so it’s important to highlight the convenience you can provide.

Social media templates for amiable buyers

Expressive Ella

For someone expressive like Ella, building relationships are her bread and butter. She is enthusiastic, outgoing, and a team player. Because of these traits, she is in-tune with her emotions which makes her sure of what she wants. For Ella, an ongoing relationship with something that fits her needs is a win.

How to sell to expressive buyers:

Expressive buyers care about the people in their life and they need to understand how the decisions they make affect the people around them. Humanize the sales process by building an ongoing relationship, acknowledging their emotions, and match their level of enthusiasm.

Social media templates for expressive buyers

Analytical Alex

Logic and a strong attention to detail is central to a buyer like Analytical Alex. They are cautious and would rather have the facts than extra bells and whistles. As a researcher, Alex has probably already done research on your business; you need to ensure you are answering any questions they may still have.

How to sell to analytical buyers: