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From sales to sails: How one small business used Ripl to increase sales for their sailing business

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

From sales to sails: How one small business used Ripl to increase sales

Supporting small businesses and telling their stories is at the heart of what we do at Ripl to help them reach their goals. Today’s story comes from somewhere at sea with a small business called Sail LUNA. This duo has created a trip of a lifetime and now gives other people the opportunity to create some unforgettable memories. Keep reading to learn how a husband and wife team got more sales for their sailing business using social media.

Meet Sail LUNA

Sail LUNA is a business offering all-inclusive sailing vacations aboard their 2019 catamaran, LUNA. A trip aboard this floating hotel is the perfect retreat for families and couples looking to relax and have fun in a safe environment.

Sail LUNA is ran by a husband and wife team with Nim serving as the captain and Fabi as the first mate and chef. Special care and attention to detail is at the heart of how they run their business.

Photo of Fabi and Nim of Sail LUNA

“Our all-inclusive charters include all meals, full ship's bar, beautiful accommodations, use of onboard water toys, among other wonderful amenities. We take care of everything so our guests can relax and enjoy their sailing trip in paradise.”

How social media has played a role in Sail LUNA’s business

With a feed full of turquoise water, views, and delicious food, it’s easy to see why Sail LUNA mainly uses social media to market their business and gets great results from it. But you may be surprised to learn it hasn’t always been that way.

Sail Luna's Instagram feed

We asked Nim and Fabi to tell us a little about the state of their social media marketing before Ripl and this is what they had to say.

“We used to upload mainly videos to our social media, from time to time we promoted a post, and it didn’t help much to our business in terms of new bookings or leads.”

As was the case for nearly everyone, things took a turn during the pandemic. They knew they had to make changes in their business to find new customers.

“Before COVID-19 we didn’t market ourselves, we mainly relied on yacht charter brokers to promote us and bring us business. Since COVID-19 started we decided that we would do whatever we could to get more business and started marketing ourselves while also continuing to work with our traditional brokers’ channel. Now, we mainly use social media to market Sail LUNA and it has proven to be successful.”

Catamaran photo in ocean

Social media results after using Ripl

After shifting their focus and putting a bigger emphasis on social media marketing, Nim and Fabi turned to Ripl for help with their organic and paid social media.

“We played with Ripl trying to create a basic video showcasing the experience we deliver aboard LUNA and shared it using Facebook and Instagram. The results were amazing, so we decided to use it for a paid campaign.”

With Ripl, now anyone can easily create and run paid Facebook ads to see results like Sail LUNA.

“This campaign is the main paid campaign we have for our business, and it was all done using Ripl! We are still amazed how a simple video that took us a few minutes to make using the app transformed into thousands of dollars in bookings.”

Catamaran at port

Advice for other small businesses using social media

We asked Nim and Fabi to reflect on their experience using social media to give advice to other businesses looking to get more from their marketing.

“We were using social media the “wrong way” for a long time, social media actually works for us and should be part of any small business marketing efforts.”

One of the secrets to their success?

“We highly recommend showing your client what he will “get” or how he will feel after using your product or service you offer. Ripl is a great tool to use for social media marketing.”


You can connect with Nim and Fabi of Sail LUNA on Instagram and Facebook. Find them on their website and on their preferred yacht charter broker.

See how Ripl can get results for your business by signing up for a free trial today.


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