How to Prepare Your Marketing For 2020

Updated: May 29

Christmas is now over, but the new year is fast approaching! Do you feel like your business ready? As your business preps for the new year, here’s our best tips:

Create Your Marketing Calendar

For 2020, the best way to be prepared is to make your marketing calendar for the year. Layout your major social media posts, promotional discounts, and anything else that you expect to do in your marketing for the new year.

For some small businesses, it can be difficult to predict what you’ll post about in a few months. If that’s the case, then just plan on marketing themes you may want to try in the upcoming months. For example, do you plan on doing any special marketing for spring in March or April? If so, then put that on your calendar!

Once you have a marketing calendar laid out, it will be much easier scheduling your social media posts in advance. For example, Ripl’s scheduling features will allow you to schedule your future videos and images ahead of time.

Build Partnerships

For small businesses, building partnerships with other businesses and organizations is a great way to spread word of mouth. For the new year, we challenge you to think about what partnerships you may want to form.

Some partnerships you can try? You can collaborate with another business or nonprofit, they can possibly spread news about your business to their customers. Alternatively, you can join a local small business organization. Finally, you can even just sponsor a local community event.

Clean and Update

A good opportunity with the New Year is the chance to clean and update your marketing materials. Most importantly, this includes your social media profiles and websites. If you have outdated references to 2019, or even just have social media posts that you regret posting, it’s time to delete!

If your business relies on regular communication with customers, then you should also clean & update your contact list. Delete outdated emails or phone numbers from your directory, it will save you time and resources in the future.

After you’re done cleaning, update your marketing material with new dates and maybe even with your new goals for 2020. Your small business already has a head start on the new year.

Ask for reviews & testimonials

A good way to jumpstart your business in the new year is also to request more reviews and testimonials from your past customers. After all, 91% of people regularly read online reviews.

How do you solicit reviews from customers? Here are some suggestions:

  • Making an in-store sign to encourage Yelp reviews

  • Sending an email to customers

  • Ask for reviews on social media

  • Asking your customers in person.

Either way, receiving more positive reviews is sure to boost your business for the new year.


Finally for the new year, we encourage you to try new experiments with your marketing! If you have any new products or services this year, make sure you market them.

Outside of new products, try these innovative ideas for your marketing:

  • Try marketing with video

  • Advertise new events for your business

  • Use different types of imagery for your marketing

  • Update your business logo or colors

With these ideas on how to best prepare your marketing for the new year, we can’t wait to see your creations in 2020!