How to refresh your social media business pages in the New Year

How to refresh your social media business pages in the New Year

With a new year comes new ideas, new products, new branding, and other exciting developments to your small business. It's a great opportunity to evolve or refresh your brand, and that means doing some housekeeping on social media.

You'll want to make sure you've optimized your social media bios, deleted any outdated content, and updated your images and branding as needed.

Keep reading for a New Year refresh guide for your Facebook business page, Instagram business account, and Twitter business page, as well as some general social media clean up tips.

Refresh your Facebook business page in the New Year

How to refresh and optimize your Facebook business page in the new year

Your Facebook business page is one of the first ways potential new customers will learn about your small business, so you'll want to keep it up to date all year long. Do some clean up for your Facebook business page in order to start the New Year off with a fresh presence on social media.

If you don't yet have a one, now is the time to set up and optimize a Facebook business page for your small business.

Read on for ways to refresh your Facebook business page in the New Year.

Revisit your profile image on Facebook

Your profile image should always be up to date. If you've made some changes this past year, replace your profile image with the current version of your business logo or an up to date headshot.

Update your cover image on Facebook

This is the largest image at the top of your Facebook page. Update your cover image to a photo that is representative of your company for this upcoming year. A quality shot of your office, exterior building, or team would work just fine.

Update your "about" section, operating hours, and contact information

The about section on your Facebook business page is where potential customers will look to learn more about your business and to contact you. It's important to keep this section updated all year long, so it's worth revisiting on a regular basis. Make sure your business description and "story" is up to date, as well as your hours of operation and contact information.

Add a call to action button

A call to action button sits just under your cover photo on your Facebook business page. Add or change your action button so that it's relevant to your business. There are a bunch of different call to action button options, like "book now", "shop now", or "sign up".

Make sure you've set up a vanity URL

When you first set up your Facebook business page, Facebook assigns you a random combination of numbers and/or letters as your profile URL. It looks something like this:

However, you can set up a "vanity URL" that is easier to navigate to and remember, like this:

In order to do so, you'll need to claim your username and set up your vanity URL.

Check your content

Review the content you've posted over the past year and decide whether you'd like to keep it all. If there's something posted that's no longer relevant to your business heading into the New Year, consider deleting it.

Do a feed and follower clean up

The New Year is a great opportunity to do some clean up of your pages, groups, and what shows up in your feed.

  • If there are personal profiles or business profiles you no longer want updates from, unfollow them or unlike them. You can do this by searching for their page in the search bar and unfollowing them, or by finding them in your news feed and navigating to their page to unlike or unfollow them.

  • Think about what Facebook groups you're a part of. Leave any groups that are no longer relevant. You can do this by navigating to the group page, clicking the three dots at the top right of the group page, and choosing "unfollow group".

  • Consider cleaning up your follower list. Navigate to your Page Settings, then to "People and Other Pages", where you can find all the people and pages that like your page. From there, you can remove them from your page likes or ban them from your page.

Change or add a pinned Facebook post

Facebook allows you to "pin" one of your published posts to the top of your feed on your Facebook business profile. This is a good way to keep an important post at the top of your feed, even when you continue to publish new content. If you have an existing pinned Facebook post, determine whether you'd like to keep it pinned to the top of your feed or if you'd like to unpin it. Unpinning a pinned Facebook post will not delete it, but it will remove it from the top of your feed. You can also pin a new post to the top of your feed by finding your published post, tapping the three dots on the top right of the post, and choosing "pin to top of page".

Refresh your Instagram business account in the New Year

How to refresh your Instagram business profile in the New Year

Make sure your Instagram business account is up to date for the New Year by refreshing your bio, profile, posts, and followers.

If you don't have a business Instagram account, learn how to convert your personal account to an Instagram business account or set up a new Instagram business account.

Optimize your Instagram bio in the New Year

To edit your Instagram business profile, tap "Edit Profile" while on your profile page. Here, you can edit your profile image, Instagram bio, and website link. You can also add a call to action button, a category for your business, and contact options. Learn more about optimizing your Instagram profile here.

Update your profile image on Instagram

A best practice for Instagram profile images is to use your business logo. The profile image shows up on the smaller side in follower lists, notifications, and on the main feed, so using a photo for your business profile image is not recommended (unless your brand is your face). Update your profile image with the latest rendition of your business logo for the New Year.

Do a follower audit on your Instagram page

Tap your followers at the top of your Instagram business profile and do an audit of your follower list. Remove any inactive or fake accounts.

Do a following audit on your Instagram page

Similarly to a follower audit, consider auditing Instagram pages that you follow. Tap "Following" at the top of your profile and do an audit of the pages you follow on Instagram. Unfollow any pages that you're no longer interested in. Alternately, you can also "Manage Notifications" or "Mute" pages on Instagram by tapping the three dots to the right of the "Following"/"Follow" button in your following list.

Instagram makes it super easy to audit your following list by showing different categories, such as "Least interacted with" and "Most Shown in Feed". Go through these categories first when conducting your audit.

Delete or archive old posts on Instagram

Comb through your past posts on Instagram and decide if any of them are outdated or no longer applicable to your business. Delete or archive posts by tapping on the post, selecting the three dots at the top right of the post, and tapping "Delete" or "Archive". You can view your archived posts on Instagram by navigating to your profile, tapping the hamburger menu at the top right of your profile, and selecting "Archive" from the drop down.

Remove old stories from your Instagram story highlights

Go through each of your story highlights at the top of your Instagram feed. Tap "More" at the bottom and "Edit Highlight" to remove or add any stories to that highlight. Also be sure to update highlight cover images as needed, and add any new story highlights if you find it necessary.

If you don't currently use Instagram story highlights, we highly recommend you start! It's a great way to keep important stories on your page indefinitely, si