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March 2024 social media content calendar

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March 2024 is here, and it's like the world's hitting the refresh button! Think longer days, sunnier skies, and everyone's ready to ditch those bulky winter coats for something a bit more... breezy. It's the perfect backdrop for giving your social media a little spring cleaning of its own.

Use our social media content calendar for tracking important dates in March. It can also be a guide to building out your social media content calendar for the month.

Click on any of the dates below to jump to the day or keep scrolling for important days and hashtags in March 2024, as well as social media post templates and collections for every day this month.

March social media template collection

Friday, March 1st 2024: Women's History Month begins

Women's History Month, observed every March, is a time dedicated to recognizing and honoring the impactful roles and achievements of women throughout history, society, and within their communities