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Ripl Case Study | Dream Team Americas

Updated: May 31, 2020

Dream Team Americas

How Dream Team Americas uses Ripl

Who: Todd Taylor | Owner, CEO | Dream Team Americas

Why did Dream Team Americas need Ripl?

Todd discovered Ripl when he was scrolling through Instagram and saw the Ripl logo on a post he thought was extremely creative and eye-catching. At the time, Dream Team Americas was missing the ability to create quality content for social media in a short period of time.

How did Ripl help?

Ripl has helped Dream Team Americas be more creative with their posts, giving Todd more confidence in the content he puts on social media. Todd also says that Ripl helps him because he can create quality content in under five minutes and then upload it to multiple platforms!

Key Benefits & Results

Dream Team Americas has tripled their social media following since starting Ripl, received more comments on their posts, and gotten more engagement from different people.

Ripl has allowed Dream Team Americas to post nearly everyday because of how easy it is to create quality content. Furthermore, Todd says that Ripl’s ability to track engagement makes him more motivated to upload Ripl posts to his page!


Check out a few of Dream Team America’s posts

Want your business to be a case study?

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