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Social media marketing for food & beverage

Create beautiful social media posts to grow 
your food & beverage business on social media.


Food & beverage templates


Let customers know about new menu items, updated hours, daily specials, or special events.


Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, bakery, catering service, or specialty shop, create eye-catching posts that show off your menu items.


Find themed templates created for different seasons, holidays, behind-the-scenes content, customer testimonials, and more.

Ripl’s top tips for food & beverage social marketing

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Good photography is key

Posting aesthetically pleasing photos of your food or beverages on your social media is key for attracting potential customers. 

People should be enticed to pay your restaurant a visit by the quality of the photos you post on social media.

Promote your business

Are you a health food restaurant? Post consistent content to target health-conscious consumers. Or perhaps you run a local handmade candy shop? Post colorful images of your handmade products to attract sweet tooths.

Whatever your unique product offering, Ripl has hundreds of customizable templates for you to take advantage of. Plus, you can save your brand fonts and colors so every post is consistent and on-brand.

Serve your community

• Participate in local philanthropic activities.
• Partner up with other businesses.
• Get involved with local events.

Being active in your community can provide valuable word of mouth marketing for your business and earn you some loyal customers.


Join thousands of Ripl users and grow your business on social media

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Customer testimonials

"Ripl’s scheduling feature is amazing! A must-have app for all businesses!”

- Gayle Lemler of
Lemler Valley Farm

For anyone looking for an easy marketing tool to jumpstart your business on social media, look no further!”

- Jeremy Jon Ward of 

Proud Mary’s Bar and Grill

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