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These Supplementary Terms of Use apply to the Ripl Ad Buy service (the “Ad Buy Service”). Ripl’s Ad Buy Service is an add-on program made available to users of the Ripl Service (“you”), and enables you to seamlessly create, purchase, and manage Facebook advertisements through the Ripl Service.

These Supplementary Terms of Use are a legally binding contract between you and Ripl and apply to your use of the Ad Buy Service, in addition to Ripl’s general Terms of Service and End User License Agreement (the “General Terms of Use”). The Ad Buy Service is part of the Service and, accordingly, your use of the Ad Buy Service is part of your use of Ripl.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, the capitalized words in this document mean the same thing as they do in our General Terms of Use.

How It Works


The Ad Buy Service is an optional premium feature that you may access through your Ripl account.  To use the Ad Buy Service, you first tell us how much money you want to spend (such money, the “Ad Spend”) on one or more advertising campaigns. Ad Spends may be specified and updated on a monthly basis.  You must deposit the Ad Spend to Ripl up front, and we will hold it in escrow on your behalf until launch of your Facebook advertising campaign.  Payments are made via our third-party e-commerce platform Stripe and, as described in our General Terms of Use, Ripl does not have access to, nor retains any credit card information of, any user of the Service, including the Ad Buy Service.


Ripl collects a percentage-based commission on the Ad Spend in exchange for making the Ad Buy Service available to you.  The current commission rate listed on the Website, and the commission for each ad campaign will be calculated when you submit your advertising campaign. We collect the commission from that portion of the Ad Fund attributable to each advertising campaign you submit at the same time we authorize Facebook to launch such advertising campaign on your behalf.  By submitting your ad campaign on the Ad Buy Service, you authorize us to collect this commission from you, and further authorize us to collect and pass along any credit card or other processing fees charged by Stripe. The commission and fees described herein are non-refundable in any circumstance.


Once we have received your Ad Spend amounts, we will initiate a Facebook advertising campaign through Facebook Ads in accordance with the advertising campaign preferences you have specified via the Ad Buy Service.  The advertising campaigns will then be placed by Facebook on your behalf according to the criteria you select using the Ad Buy Service until your Ad Spend limit is reached.


By submitting your Ad Spend and advertising campaign preferences, you authorize us to commit and spend the full amount of your Ad Spend in an advertising campaign, after collecting our commission.  Upon submission, you must contact us in writing to request a cancellation, suspension or termination of a submitted advertising campaign.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor your request, but will use commercially reasonable efforts to do so if our relationship with Facebook permits it.  As noted above, we are not able to and will under no circumstances refund our commission and any third-party fees.


Any unused portion of your Ad Spend will be credited to your Ripl account as a credit and may be used toward the purchase of future advertising campaigns with the Ad Buy Service. Credits may not be used to purchase or pay for or other Ripl services, and are only valid for the purchase of services available through the Ad Buy Service.  You may direct any credit back into your Ad Spend to be used towards a new advertising campaign, or may request that we refund the credit to the credit card you used for the Ad Spend via Stripe. Refund requests must be submitted to us within 90 days of the end of the applicable advertising campaign. Ad credits do not expire. 

Ripl reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising campaign or Ad Buy initiated over the Service.  We will inform you of any such rejection or cancellation, and will hold or refund any unused or credited portion of your Ad Spend as described above.

Guidelines and Requirements


By using the Ad Buy Service, you agree to comply with the terms and policies of Ripl as well as with Facebook’s Terms and Advertising Policies.

Failure to comply may result in any of the following actions: (1) Facebook or Ripl will reject your advertising campaign; (2) Ripl might in its sole discretion revoke your ability to use the Ad Buy Service; and/or (3) we might suspend or terminate your Ripl account.

To use the Ad Buy Service to create and place remarketing ads on Facebook, your website or store must be connected to your Ripl account (“Website”). When you elect to enable the Facebook pixel on your Website or create your first Facebook ad that links to your Website, a Javascript snippet deployed on your Website will install a Facebook pixel on your Website. These tracking technologies facilitate the placement of your advertising campaigns on Facebook and enable Ripl to provide reporting to you about the performance of your advertising campaigns. You represent and warrant that your Website adequately discloses the use of tracking technologies, such as cookies and pixels, used by your Website in a Privacy Policy, Cookie Statement, or other disclosure and informs visitors to your Website that information collected by these technologies may be transferred to Ripl and Facebook. By using the Ad Buy Service, you are giving Ripl permission to install the Facebook pixel on your Website on your behalf.

General Terms and Termination of Your Ad Buy Service Account

We may modify the Ad Buy Service or discontinue its availability at any time.  Additionally, we may refuse service or limit, suspend, or terminate your access to the Ad Buy Service at any time, with or without cause.  Similarly, you may discontinue your use of the Ad Buy Service at any time.  If you choose to cancel your subscription with us prior to the completion of a Facebook advertising campaign, you have the option to complete all open Facebook advertising campaigns directly with Facebook.  However, cancellation of your Ripl account means you will no longer have access to key metrics and historical Ad Spend reports applicable to open Facebook campaigns that you initiated through your Ripl account. Upon termination, we will retain your account and usage data in accordance with the procedures described in our Privacy Policy. 


Ripl may need to modify or change these Supplementary Terms of Use as our Ad Buy Service expands or changes. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of any changes in writing, and any modifications or changes will be effective immediately and apply to your continued use of the Ad Buy Service.


Ripl makes no representations or warranties that the Ad Buy Service is appropriate or suitable for you or your business, and in accordance with our General Terms of Use will not be held liable for your use of the Ad Buy Service. You are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. You understand that Ripl is not an affiliate, partner, agent or representative of Facebook, and has no right, responsibility, or ability to control, direct, or influence any action, inaction, conduct, or decision made by Facebook.

Updated July 16, 2021

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