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10 things your customers wish you did on social media

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

There’s no such thing as perfection, including when posting on social media. When every business has its own Facebook page or Instagram, it’s tough figuring out if your social media presence is in good shape or not. There are always areas that can be improved upon, and here are some of the things that your customers wish you would try…


1. They wish you would respond faster on social media

Here’s an astounding statistic: 80% of businesses think they respond quickly on social media, while only 8% of customers think they do so. Considering that many customers see social media as a way to get customer service, it’s vital for your business to pay attention to this avenue.

As a busy small business owner, it can be difficult to find time to check social media. If your business is small, we’d recommend turning on phone notifications for your social media channels – that way you’ll know anytime someone messages your business with an issue, and you can respond promptly.

2. They wish you would stop the social media drama

Not all business owners are guilty of this, but the few that do make the mistake of airing their grievances on social media are memorable. As a business owner, having a social media meltdown is not a good look. There are even some famous social media meltdowns that have made headlines.

Although providing entertainment for some, airing your dirty laundry in public will damage your business’s image, and can discourage customers from continuing to do business with you.

A classic example of a social media meltdown- your customers wish you wouldn’t do this

3. They wish to see your human side

While customers don’t like to see examples of unprofessional behavior, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to see your personal side. Customers do like seeing the human side of the business; it helps them to relate to you.

So don’t be afraid to share important personal updates – as long as these updates aren’t too frequent. Examples of key events you can share from your life: graduations, getting married, winning an award, completing a marathon – the list is endless!

4. They wish for more online giveaways

Everybody loves to win. Customers love it when businesses run contests or giveaways on social media. It’s a win for both parties; the customer wins a product and you receive more online engagement.

How often should you run a contest or giveaway? It all depends on your budget and your business type. We’d recommend trying a contest once a quarter, and then expanding from there if you see positive results.

5. They wish you’d stop using poor quality images

A frequent sin seen on social media is the use of low-quality images. You’ve seen it: images that have been resized oddly, old images that appear pixelated… If you have to choose between using a low-quality photo or using no photo at all, choose the second option.

If you need to find an image for your social channel, try using images from free stock websites! We go into more detail about this in a previous blog post.

6. They wish you would start sharing more videos!

The popularity of video is exploding online right now, especially with the rise of Facebook and Instagram stories. One-third of online activity is spent watching video. If you aren’t using video for your marketing, it’s time to get started! Ripl can speed you on your journey by helping you to create professional-looking animated posts.

An example of a video you can make with Ripl

7. They wish you would stop using so many hashtags

This is a frequent social media faux pas – using too many hashtags in a social media post. As a customer, it’s annoying to see, and it makes a business look like they’re posting spam. The maximum recommended number of hashtags for a post is 4. Some recent studies have even found that on Twitter, posts without hashtags may even perform better.

8. They wish you would promote other businesses

If you run a local business, take time out of your day to support other businesses within your community. Your customers like hearing about partnerships within their local community. Customers are drawn to friendly business owners who seem neighborly.

9. They wish you would give more product previews

People like to see your new products. Regardless of your product, whether it’s a house, service, or piece of clothing – people like to see what they may be buying! If you give more previews of your product on social media, more customers will inquire about any new offerings you may have.

10. They wish you would engage with positive comments more

Show your customers some love. Don’t be afraid of creating positive engagement! If you have any fans on social media who leave nice comments on your post, let them know how much you appreciate them. People love being recognized, and like to know that you appreciate their customer loyalty.

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll find ways to spruce up your social media. It can be difficult knowing what your customers want, but these tips are universal for any small business.


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