Bye 2020! 21 ways to ring in 2021 on social media

21 ways to ring in 2021 on social media

The New Year is fast approaching and leaving 2020 (aka simultaneously the longest year ever and the shortest year ever) behind merits some much deserved celebration! We've rounded up 21 ways to say "bye 2020!" and ring in 2021 on social media.

1. Share a Happy New Year story

We're obsessed with this sparkling collection of New Year's stories, and you should be too! Choose from a selection of glittering rose gold or black and gold stories to share on social in the New Year.

2. Highlight the "best of" your neighborhood

Which coffee shops are the best in your neighborhood? What neighborhood had the best holiday light display this holiday season? Do you have favorite places to shop, eat, or socialize? Share the "best of" neighborhood picks on your social channels with a template from this new collection!

3. Forecast trends for the New Year

Do you have an inkling for what might be trending in 2021? Share your thoughts on new trends on social media!

4. Share a highlight from 2020

A favorite moment, a favorite photo, or a favorite business goal crushed—whatever it is, celebrate your accomplishments and best moments from 2020 on social media.

5. Celebrate your best customers on social

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of many small businesses, and they deserve to be celebrated and thanked! Highlight some of your best customers on social media in the New Year. Make it a story series or a multi-image post to create an impact!

6. Run a New Year themed giveaway or contest on social media

Start the New Year off with a bang by running a contest or giveaway on social media. Read up on how to run a successful contest or giveaway before getting started!

7. Use a New Year themed hashtag