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30 Quick tips to step up your social media

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

30 quick tips to step up your social media

From brand awareness, to building trust and customer support, social media has become an important part of many small businesses' marketing plans. To help you step up your social media marketing, we’ve collected 30 quick tips to try for your small business.

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1. Keep business information up-to-date on your profile

As customers research to learn more about local businesses, Facebook is one of the most common places they go. In fact, ⅔ of Facebook users say they visit a local business page once a week. With this in mind, having an up-to-date page not only helps you look more professional, it can benefit your bottom line.

Here are the key things to keep updated:

  • Business hours

  • Contact information

  • Website link

  • Address

2. Create posts to drive traffic

Unlike Instagram, Facebook has the benefit of creating posts with clickable links. Use this to your advantage by creating posts that link to things such as your website, consultation form, products, or events you’re participating in.

3. Use Facebooks Ads

Organic post reach has been falling as social media platforms continue to update their algorithms. Facebook Ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach your social media goals whether used to build your following or to get more sales.

It’s important to create click-worthy ads, which is why we’ve created Facebook Ad templates to make the process easy. Click here to learn more about ad creation today.

4. Take advantage of your Facebook page’s action button

Your Facebook page’s action button is an opportunity to highlight a quick action you would like someone to take when they land on your page.

To update this on your page, simply click “edit action button” and choose from one of the pre-made options.

Jungalow facebook page

5. Add a CTA to your captions

CTA is an acronym for “call to action”. When used in your captions, they tell your followers what to do next after reading your post.

Here are some common CTA examples:

  • Click the link to learn more

  • Schedule a call today

  • Use the code “SAVE10” to take 10% off your purchase today

6. Use templates for faster content creation

Templates make it easier and faster to create eye-catching content on social media.

Besides saving time, another benefit of templates is that they can help build a consistent look in your branding, which makes your business more recognizable online.

7. Use Facebook Live

During the pandemic, Facebook video jumped by 50%. People enjoy live video because it gives them an opportunity to interact with you in real time and ask questions directly.

Use Facebook Live for product demos, webinars, or a Q and A session.

8. Customize your tabs and templates

Tabs help visitors to your Facebook page quickly find what they are looking for. Click and drag a tab name to rearrange the order. The tab order also determines the order of the sections people see at the top of your page.

The templates are a pre-made organization of tabs that help visitors navigate your page.

9. Create and measure goals

In order to get the most out of your social media marketing, setting and measuring goals is a must. Think about what you are hoping to achieve wi