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4 video mistakes to avoid

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Here at Ripl, we’re experts at making videos, and we’ve seen some amazing videos crafted by our users! However, it’s easy to make mistakes during the creative process, as we’ll discuss below. Here are some of the most common video mistakes and our advice on how to avoid them.

mobile held out

Mistake 1: Not Having Permission

When creating a video, it’s important that you have permission for all of the material that you’re using. Otherwise, your video could be taken down due to copyright issues!

You can use everything we provide within our Ripl app, including the templates and music, without any concerns. But here are some general rules of thumb:

People: If people are featured in your photo or video, make sure they give their permission to be used in your marketing material.

If you’re using someone else’s photos or videos: Make sure that you have permission to use any photos or videos you don’t technically own.

Company copyright: Don’t use any other company’s marketing material – this includes using another company’s logo.

Mistake 2: Using Poor Graphics

Visuals are everything – make sure that the graphics you use in your Ripl are of good quality. To ensure this, keep an eye on:

Lighting: Any graphics that you use should have good lighting; nothing’s worse than a photo or video that’s too bright or dark. This includes filters; make sure the filter that you’re using isn’t obscuring your photo.

Framing: The graphic you’re using should draw the viewer’s eye to the primary subject of your photo.

Negative Space: Try to use graphics with plenty of negative space, which is the area that surrounds the main subject in your photo or video. This helps your subject stand out. If you plan to add text to your video, the best place to put it is in the negative space.

An example of an almost-great photo from my recent vacation; it’s too dark!
An example of an almost-great photo from my recent vacation; it’s too dark!

Mistake 3: Text is hard to read

A huge benefit of Ripl is that it’s easy to add text to your animated video. However, make sure that your text is easy to read. Avoid using neon colors or complex fonts with your text. Consider the contrast between your text and background colors so your message stands out clearly.

Besides text styles, make sure that you aren’t adding too much text to your video! It can be overwhelming for your audience if you try to fit an entire paragraph into your Ripl. Try to make your message as concise as possible, to have a readily accessible message.

no contrast example
Can you read this at first glance?

Mistake 4: Avoid Giving Away Too Much Personal Information

Last but not least, try to avoid giving out too much personal information in your videos. Many of our users use Ripl to advertise their business and share their business contact information. Make sure you’re using a business email, address, or phone number instead of your personal contact information.

Avoid these common video mistakes when creating your next video to increase the impact of your post. We look forward to seeing your great posts!