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5 inspiring ways small businesses are persevering

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

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It takes a lot of courage to start your own business, and now more than ever small businesses around the globe are being tested.

Despite how tough the times may seem, day after day we are inspired by stories and examples of many small businesses fighting to stay relevant and top of mind.

Here are 5 ways we have seen small businesses fighting back during these tough times:

1. Getting Creative

One of the coolest ways small business owners are persevering through these tough times is by finding creative solutions to keep their business going.

Breweries and distilleries across the United States are switching from producing alcohol for consumption to making hand sanitizer and other cleaning products. You can read about these businesses here, here, here, and here. As the owner of Ogden’s Own, Steve Conlin told Salt Lake Tribune, “We are a member of the community. This is a need and it’s one we can help with.”

In the restaurant space, small business owners are finding ways to help their communities and sustain their business… even if that means giving away a little toilet paper. In Los Angeles, Guerrilla Tacos is currently selling “Emergency Taco Kits” to sell food and help their community. These kits include meat, eggs, rice, tortillas, and yes, toilet paper. Read more about Guerilla Tacos here.

Image from CNN

2. Selling Online

Another way small businesses are staying relevant is by selling their products online. With everyone at home and keeping their distance, online shopping is a great way to sell your products.

Here is an example of a post we love, showing how you can advertise your online business.

3. Offering Take Out and Delivery

Now that restaurants are closing up, many places have shifted their attention to providing take out and delivery options so that people can still get food from their favorite places to dine.

Seattle, where people are no longer allowed to dine in, is a great example of how restaurants are persevering by staying open and providing take-out and delivery options.

Below is a map of all the Seattle restaurants open for take-out:

4. Running Promotions

Throughout the past week the Ripl team has seen several inspirational posts created using Ripl and a lot of them mention promotions businesses are running.

They are a great way to get more people shopping on your site and ordering from your business. Below are a couple examples of posts promoting deals and discounts right now!

5. Building Communities and Seeking Help

Now more than ever, small business owners need help. Over the past week we have seen many small business Facebook groups pop up, such as the one in Seattle titled “Corona: SEATTLE Business Owners Fight Back!’’ which even sparked its own Podcast dubbed “We got this SEATTLE!’’. In these groups we see people asking for help and talking to other businesses owners about how they are working to survive.

Along with connecting on social media, small businesses have also been seeking help from both the public and private sectors. Just this week, Facebook announced it would be giving $100 million in grants to help small businesses, which you can apply to here. Furthermore,the US federal government and numerous state governments are stepping up to help businesses get through these trying times.

Throughout the next few months we promise to keep people updated on any grants and available funds we learn about. We also will be sending more ideas your way!


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