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5 ways to shop small this holiday season for Small Business Saturday and beyond

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

5 ways to shop small this holiday season for Small Business Saturday and beyond

It’s that time of year again - the weather is getting cooler, you've traded t-shirts for sweaters, and your holiday shopping list is growing by the day. And while this year is definitely different than any other, it has never been more important to shop small this holiday season.

This year, small business have had to weather the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. They continue to survive because of their grit and perseverance, but they need your help! Due to the global pandemic it is estimated that half of small businesses are operating at a loss. This is deeply concerning for everyone because small businesses employees make up nearly 47% of the US workforce and have a huge economic impact.

The Ripl team is pledging to shop small this holiday season to support local businesses, and in turn the community they operate in. To help you share your support for small business, we have created special templates that you can share to #pledgesmall this holiday season. On top of that, we've released seasonal template collections so that you can promote Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals. Browse a list of our major collections for the season for inspiration.

Here are five ways you can shop small this holiday season and beyond:

1. Go online to support your favorite small businesses, but go directly to their website

While it is easy and convenient to shop on Amazon, when you buy a product through their portal not all of that purchase goes to the seller. Amazon takes a cut of every item sold, ranging from 6% to as high as 45%. This means small businesses are getting that much less in revenue. Therefore, when you see something you likedon’t be afraid to visit the seller’s website directly. This helps the small business owner (and in turn, their community) tremendously.

2. Buy gift cards from all your favorite local businesses

Not sure what to get someone this season and thinking about getting them a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant? Try to think of local shops when purchasing gift certificatesthis is instant money going towards a small business. It can also help generate additional revenue through word of mouth, as you made another potential customer aware of their business.

3. Get takeout from a local restaurant or cafe

Planning to spend your entire weekend looking for the best deals and don’t have time to cook? Well then this is a great time to order takeout or delivery from your favorite restaurant. Especially as the cold weather is rolling in and many states have limits for capacity indoors, it is pertinent to choose these small businesses when deciding to order meals.

Google has incorporated takeout and delivery shortcut buttons so it's even easier to find all the local restaurants open for social-distance-friendly options near you!

4. Post about your favorite small business on social

Once you have finished your shopping and found the perfect holiday gifts, don’t be afraid to tell the world about your favorite small business. This could help generate more sales and puts them top of mind as your friends check off their shopping lists. Furthermore, like all of us, small businesses have had to endure a lot this year and some appreciation can go a long way.

Our ways to support small business collection has the perfect templates to get vocal on social:

5. Recommend your favorite local businesses to your friends... and to strangers

This may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to help small businesses is to encourage your friends to shop small as well. Spread the love and recommend your favorite small businesses to your friends and family. It helps your local businesses more than you realize!

Consider leaving a review of your favorite businesses to recommend their product or service to strangers on the internet as well. Lots of small business owners rely heavily on reviews for the success of their business—you'd be doing them a huge favor!

Bonus: Customize a Shop Small American Express social post template for Small Business Saturday

Click on one of the templates below to get started.


Plus: Check out our Small business Saturday template collection for more ways to encourage your followers to shop small on social!