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7 Ripl designs you can use for the holidays

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

If you’re looking for inspiration for your social media posts this holiday season, we have plenty of designs for you to try. Ripl has a diverse set of templates you can use, with holiday themes for occasions spanning Christmas to New Years. Here’s a preview of some of our winter seasonal templates…

Christmas tree and bulbs

Christmas Decor

First, we have templates featuring standard Christmas decor. Our selection includes holiday lights, ornaments, and Christmas trees. You can try one of our Christmas templates below.

Christmas tree

Winter Wonderland

A classic holiday theme is Winter Wonderland. One perk of the Winter Wonderland theme is that it can be used after the Christmas season, until late January or early February. Here’s a Winter Wonderland Ripl post you can try:

Christmas clothes

Hanukkah & Your Personal Holiday of Choice

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so it’s a good idea to include holidays such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa in your marketing. Here’s one possible Ripl template you can use:

Happy hanukkah


Another holiday template you can use is Shimmer. It creates the feeling of a twinkle in the air, and helps your marketing message to stand out with dark colors, and silver, gold or green borders. Here’s a star-themed Ripl you can use:

Holiday Party

Silver or Gold

If you want a different color scheme other than green and red, try using silver and gold this holiday season. The colors are festive, but not cliche. They also work perfectly for both Christmas and New Year. Here’s one New Years template you can use:



If you want to highlight something sweet, doing a Candyland theme for the holidays is appropriate. Here’s one of our candy-cane themed posts :

Cookies and cupcakes

Baking/Holiday Food

Finally, if you’re in the food industry, you can create an ad for holiday-themed food. Nothing says the holidays more than yummy baked goods or seasonal recipes. Items to feature can include anything from sugar cookies to hot chocolate. Here’s a template that would be helpful for featuring holiday offerings:


We hope one of these can help inspire your holiday marketing!


Need more inspiration?