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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Ripl TV

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Have you heard of Ripl TV? Hosted on Facebook Live, it’s our weekly show that allows you to talk directly to the staff of Ripl! The next Ripl TV is scheduled for June 12, 11 AM PT. You can view it by visiting our Ripl Facebook page. Upcoming episodes are listed under ‘Events’. Ripl TV is hosted by a key member of our team, Josh. If you aren’t sold on it already, here are some reasons why you should check out Ripl TV next week:

Ripl TV

1. Receive New Content Ideas

If you’re struggling for content ideas, Ripl TV is a good resource to turn to. After all, we make Ripls professionally. Just ask members of the team what they would suggest! We’re always happy to brainstorm some ideas for you.

2. Q & A

A huge reason why we broadcast on Facebook Live is that it gives us the ability to interact with our audience. Audience members can leave comments on our live video feed, and we read them as they’re posted. If you have a question about the Ripl app, just post your question in the feed and our hosts will gladly answer it.

3. Give Direct Feedback

If you have feedback about Ripl, we’d also love to hear it. Whether it’s a feature idea, a critique of our app, or praise – we want to hear it all. Just post your feedback in the video feed discussion and our hosts will directly respond to your comment. We love hearing directly from our customers!

4. Hear Employee Insights

For those interested in product insights or the future of Ripl, you have access to immediate updates in our live show. We often explain the reasoning behind how a feature was designed, as well as some of the challenges we’ve faced while designing our app. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of our development process.

Besides talking about past design decisions, we often mention our app roadmap. We like to discuss ideas for new features, and even integrations we want to embark on. There are no guarantees that these will happen, but it’s one way to hear our predictions about the future of Ripl.

5. Tutorials

Want a direct demonstration on how to use Ripl? Ripl TV is the best way to get it – just ask the host. Depending on the issue, we can give you a live demo and walk you through any features you’re confused about. Just make sure to post your question/demo request in the video feed.

6. Get to Know Us!

Get to know the faces behind the app! Besides Josh, our Ripl TV episodes usually include a guest star – so you’ll get to see and hear the thoughts of other Ripl employees as well.

7. Free Giveaways

Occasionally we do have giveaways on our show! Last episode we gave away a few Ripl hats. Tune in next week to possibly receive a free Ripl item.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to watch Ripl TV now, our Facebook event link is here. We look forward to seeing you!

8. Can’t attend?

Even if you miss an episode, you can still watch completed episodes on our Facebook page. If you visit the Videos section on our page, you can locate previously filmed episodes and view them. If you have questions at any time, we encourage you to contact us at


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