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9 social media tips for 2023

Whether you’ve already dabbled in using social media for your business or are new, this year is the time to leverage social media to grow your business and reach your target customers to make more sales.

From content ideas to saving time, here are 9 tips to help your business grow on social media in 2023.

1. Define your target audience and tailor your content to them

Understand who you want to reach through social media and tailor your content to them. As a business owner, your target audience is your existing customers and ideal customers.

Once you think from their point of view, use those insights to create content.

Here are some questions to get started brainstorming:

  • What are your frequently asked questions?

  • What are your most popular products or services?

  • What are customers saying about your product or business?

2. Use high-quality images and videos

High-quality content is the best way to stand out and get noticed on social media. As a bonus, this type of content is also more likely to be shared and encourage engagement.

If you aren’t a designer or photographer, don’t sweat it. With Ripl, you have access to thousands of pre-made and professionally designed templates, and high-resolution photos and videos to customize for your business.

3. Be authentic and transparent with your followers

The past few years have seen a big shift on social media from overly-curated feeds to content that feels more relatable and authentic.

What does this mean for your content? Let your personality shine through. Share the behind-the-scenes of your business, introduce yourself or the rest of the team, or even pack an order.

Remember, social media is meant to nurture conversation and authentic connection and is viewed as an extension of your customer service. Respond to comments and messages promptly and show your customers that you value their feedback.

4. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags in your captions make it easier for people to find your content. The key to getting more from hashtags is to use them strategically rather than choosing random words. The more relevant your hashtags, the better your chances of reaching your target audience and building brand awareness.

Ripl tip: Try creating a branded hashtag and encourage your customers to use it so you can easily find their content and interact with them! For example, we encourage our customers to use #madewithRipl so we can see the content they create.

5. Cross-post across your social media accounts

Increase the life of your content and save time by strategically sharing it across your different social media channels.

When cross-posting there are things to take into account:

  • How can you tailor your content for the different channels? Consider factors like changing the caption to include a link for Facebook or hashtags for Instagram

  • Check your analytics in your Insights to see if you have a similar audience across channels

  • Periodically check your post analytics to see what types of posts work best for cross-posting

6. Stay up-to-date on the latest platform features

Keep an eye out for new features and updates on social media platforms and use them to your advantage. In general, the algorithm tends to favor early adoption of new features, (there’s a reason they created them after all) so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Keeping up with new features is daunting which is why we want to help! Find everything you need to stay up-to-date and take your social media to the next level on the Ripl blog.

7. Get creative with content types

Try new things and experiment with different types of content to see what resonates with your audience. There are countless ways to experiment—both with format and ideas.

Formats to try:

  • Single image posts

  • Carousel posts

  • Reels or TikToks

  • Stories

Popular content ideas:

  • A day in the life

  • New releases

  • Sneak peeks

  • Customer reviews

8. Be consistent

Stick to a consistent posting schedule and make sure your brand is represented consistently across all platforms. Regularly posting new content to keep your followers engaged and interested in your business.

Use a scheduling tool to automate your social media posts, so you can focus on other tasks.

In Ripl, you have the ability to create and schedule your posts, all in one place! Start a free trial and try it for yourself today.

9. Create a content calendar

Plan out your content in advance to ensure consistency and avoid last-minute scrambling. Content calendars allow you to see your monthly post ideas at-a-glance and allow for content batching.

Need help knowing where to start? Every month we create a content calendar with post ideas, hashtags, and templates to help you get started.


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