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A break down of stand-out Ripl posts

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

great posts

We have been on the hunt for posts that stand out on social media. With over 350,000 Ripl creations made by small business users in the last month, there were a lot of eye-catching Ripl posts to pick from. Here’s what we think was special about these posts that made people stop and engage!

Bold and on Brand

This bold Ripl post would make anyone stop in their feed, which is probably why it got 600 views on Instagram. This event planner picked the perfect design for a post with more text. It gives the feel of an animated flyer and the solid color blocks frame the words to make them easy to read. Plus they did a nice job breaking their text into easily digestible pieces. Big thumbs up for this show stopper!

Simple and Eye-Catching

We think this Ripl post created by a California clothing company got over 300 engagements on Facebook because of the sleek design and intriguing photo montage. The persistent headline text at top as the photos change keeps you focused on a singular message while still drawing your attention to their product. We love this California creation!

Just a Little Sparkle

This motivational blogger’s posts are a perfect example of how adding a simple animation can make a post pop out on your feed. Using a pre-created quote graphic, they used one of our photo only sparkle animations to reach a whopping 45K views on Facebook! In case this motivated you, you can create a similar still image in Ripl, save it to your device and add the same sparkling animation.

Interacting With The Audience

This music fan page hit the nail on the head with a post that asks their followers to reply. By asking your customers a question the instant response is to engage. To top it off the black and white photo with a single accent color makes for a really appealing aesthetic. We’re big fans of this post!

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