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August social media and small business industry roundup, Part 2

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

From social platform feature releases to small business news, we've compiled the latest info so you can stay in the know.

Facebook most popular ad platform for small biz

A recent study shows that Facebook is the most popular advertising platform for small and medium-sized businesses in the US. Learn how to set up your own ads on Facebook.

Facebook tests direct message all-in-one

Facebook has released a test to merge Facebook messenger and Instagram direct messages. All direct messages would be in one place, but cross-channel messaging still wouldn't be possible.

Facebook launches paid online events for small businesses

Facebook has launched a way for small businesses to monetize events. Any Facebook page owner can create a paid online event, set a price, and promote it.

Facebook announces ways it is supporting black-owned businesses

Including offering grants to black-owned businesses and making it possible to identify Pages as a Black or minority-owned businesses on Facebook.

Facebook Wave II Global State of Small Business

The Global State of Small Business Report, based on the Future of Business Survey, is an ongoing research collaboration by Facebook, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the World Bank to survey small and medium-sized businesses around the world over a six-month period in the context of COVID-19. Wave II was conducted in June and compares data from the first wave conducted in May.

Instagram adds suggested posts to the end of your (now truly endless) scroll

Have you ever gotten the "you're all caught up" notice in your feed? Instagram says it will now use this space to for suggested organic posts, as well as ads.

Instagram launches QR codes

Now you can use QR codes in the app. Businesses can now print their QR code anywhere, and customers can scan it to easily open their Instagram account.

Twitter rolls out tweet reply controls

Twitter launched tweet reply controls to all users mid August, which allows you to choose who can reply to your tweet.

Pinterest shop collection features black-owned brands

Pinterest has launched a new Pinterest shop collection featuring black-owned businesses.


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