Features to try out on Instagram this month

Features to try on Instagram this month for your small business

Instagram is always changing and adding new features, and with that the needs and preferences of users on social media continues to evolve. Staying up to date on the latest trends and new features on Instagram can help you stay relevant and keep your followers engaged. From Instagram Reels to insights to alt text, we highlight new features to try out on Instagram this month for your small business.

Features to try out on Instagram this month:

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Keep reading to learn more about each of these Instagram features and how to use them for your small business.

Try out Instagram Reels

Instagram released Reels in 2020 as a brand new feature to compete with popular video creation and sharing app, Tik Tok. Instagram made a major navigation change to their app in late 2020 to accommodate their Reels and Shop features (see more on Instagram shops below), and they added more creator tools to Reels in December 2020, such as audio mix and voice over creator options.

But what are Instagram Reels? Basically, they're short 15 second informal videos that you can create about literally any topic and share with friends and in the explore feed (if your account is public).

As a small business, you can use Reels to connect with your customers, provide tutorials or product videos, create video content with tips and tricks, or share personal or business updates. The limit does not exist!

Read our full step-by-step tutorial on Instagram Reels to learn how to use this new(ish) feature.

Add music, polls, and countdowns to your Instagram stories

You may have some basic knowledge of Instagram stories, but did you know you can further customize stories with music, polls, and countdowns?

Add music to your Instagram stories

Next time you create a story that would be enhanced with its own soundtrack, try adding music to your story to level up your content game on Instagram.

To add music to your Instagram stories:

  1. Create your story.

  2. Tap the sticker icon at the top (squareish smiley).

  3. Choose the music sticker.

  4. Browse Instagram's extensive library of songs.

  5. Tap your song choice and share your story as usual!

How to add music to your Instagram stories
Source: Instagram

If you're not a fan of Instagram’s song selection, you can also look into the Ripl music catalog to add a music track to your next video.