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Five easy marketing resolutions for your small business this year

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We may think about new years resolutions on an individual level; setting more time aside to exercise, upgrading our social life, or making more money are common ones. However, there's an opportunity as a small business owner to shift your mindset and brainstorm new years resolutions for your business. Setting resolutions for your business can help you achieve your goals and improve your marketing efforts in the new year.

Keep reading for five easy marketing resolution ideas for your small business in the new year!

Five easy marketing resolutions for your small business in the new year

Easy marketing resolution idea #1: Plan ahead and post more on social media

Did you know that research by HubSpot, Constant Contact and Nulou say that you should post between 3 and 10 times per week on social media? This may seem like a lot of work, which is why we created a tool that makes it easy for you to spend less time and post more.

Schedule social media posts in advance with a calendar
Ripl's scheduling tool

One way to increase post volume is through pre-planning and scheduling posts in advance. As a small business owner, finding time to post every day may seem almost impossible. Plan ahead and map out your content calendar for the new year, then use Ripl's scheduling tool in the app to schedule your posts in advance. This will help you save time to focus on other parts of your business.

Daily post recommendations and recommended template collections in your home feed on the Ripl app can also help you plan ahead post more often on social media. These recommendations help get those creative juices flowing when you are in need of inspiration or short on time.

Easy marketing resolution idea #2: Get back to basics

One of the best ways to keep your followers' attention on social media is by creating content that is clean, simple, and to the point. The more simply you can promote your business, advertise a discount, or describe your product, the better. People enjoy posts that are interesting to look at and easy to digest. While it can sometimes feel like there is so much you want to say, try and shorten your message so that someone can read and understand it in 10 seconds or less. Break up your content into multiple images or stories as needed to try and keep it short.

Easy marketing resolution idea #3: Start and maintain consistency

Have you built a brand on social media? Do you feel like your posts have a theme? One of the best ways to increase brand awareness and enhance your marketing is by uploading consistent content across all of your social media accounts. This doesn't mean posting the same thing to every social media channel. Rather, try creating a consistent look and feel to your social posts. Use the same logo, brand colors, fonts, and brand voice to build up your brand identity. Building a consistent brand through your social media posts increases engagement and helps people remember your business.

An easy way to get started on building a brand is by uploading your logo and business colors to Ripl. To do this go to your Business Profile Settings to easily customize your brand logo, fonts, and colors in the app. Uploading these brand elements will ensure that they automatically get used in any post you create on Ripl. Use Ripl to post and schedule your content across all your social media channels so that your posts are consistent across each platform.

Easy marketing resolution idea #4: Set new goals and track your progress

While it is great to act on your resolutions and try new ideas, it is important to make sure that your extra efforts are helping your business. Whether your resolutions have to do with marketing or another facet of your business, tracking your progress is essential to growing and improving. One of the most common ways to track progress on social media is through engagement with your content. This includes likes, comments, and shares among other metrics. You can monitor and track engagement on any of your previous posts in the Ripl app.

Easy marketing resolution idea #5: Ask for help

When you find it hard to create content, allocate time to post, or know what to say, ask for help! Whether this means looking on social media, checking out daily recommendations in the Ripl app, or asking a coworker, there are tons of ways you can get help with your day to day marketing activities. You can even reach out to us here at Ripl, we are always looking to help you maximize your marketing campaigns. At Ripl, asking for help is one of the pillars of our culture, if you want to, try and make it part of yours in the new year!