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Hex Colors: How to set the perfect color for your social media posts

If you have done any kind of creative project, you have most likely run into hex colors. Whenever you’re adding color for display, a hex color is usually needed. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about hex colors and more, so you can be an expert in applying color.

What is a hex color?

A hex color is used online to help you select colors. It’s an actual code that represents a color’s red, green, and blue components, which tells your computer how to create the color you desire. A hex color is only 6 characters and has a format like this: #000000.

To keep things simple, this is as far into the technical side of hex colors that we’ll get into. However, if you’re interested in learning more about how a computer uses hex colors, Code Conquest takes a deep dive into this process. Here’s an example of some hex colors:

hex colors
An example of hex colors

How do I use hex colors?

Hex colors are applicable to many of the activities that you do online. If you’re designing a website, email, or graphic, you’ll probably use hex colors. Usually the app or website you use in designing will have a box where you can input your hex color. Once the the hex color is entered, your design will change to the specified color.

Ripl makes it easy to use hex colors. When creating a Ripl, you can enter the hex color of your choice, and the Ripl template will update to use that color.

In the Ripl mobile app, you can enter the hex colors in the bottom of the screen

How do I find a hex color that I want to use?

Most design websites and tools offer color wheels. These allow you to select a color visually; the hex color is automatically generated for you. Ripl offers this to make finding a color for your next social media post easy. However, if you’re ever in a situation where you need to find a hex color, here’s a simple hex color generator you can use.

What if I don’t know what hex colors I want?

There are plenty of sites that can help you decide what colors you want to use for your next project! In fact, we dedicated a whole blog post about it. But here’s our number one recommendation: if you’re struggling for color palettes to try for your next project, try Color Hunt.


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