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How to celebrate Father's Day on social media

how to celebrate father's day on social media

From dad jokes to the ability to fix just about anything, it’s easy to see why we dedicate a whole day to fathers. This year, Father’s Day falls on June 18th and with $15.3 billion being spent on the day, now is the time for your small business to start advertising your sales and specials.

Whether you want to post a Happy Father’s Day message or help people find the perfect gift with your specials, we have you covered. Keep reading for templates and marketing tips to celebrate Father’s Day on social media.

Happy Father’s Day social media templates

Show dads and other fatherly figures some love on social media with a Happy Father’s Day post. Customize one of our templates with your message.

Father’s Day specials and events social media templates

Use social media to advertise your events and restaurant specials for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day sale social media templates

Help people find the perfect gift by advertising your Father’s Day sales and promotions.

Tips for celebrating Father’s Day on social media

Highlight all fatherly figures

Celebrate fatherhood in all its forms and the fatherly figures in our lives that helped to shape us. Don’t forget the grandfathers, uncles, brothers, step-fathers, coaches, and teachers.

Show different sides of dad

Traditionally, a lot of Father’s Day marketing hasn’t focused on the nurturing sides of dads. Thankfully, brands and businesses have been moving towards more modern messaging that shows the different sides of what it means to be a dad.

Think about how you can humanize your Father’s Day marketing. Try to include photos and quotes from real customers. The aim here is to feel authentic and celebrate the positive, everyday things that dads do for us and not paint them as a one-dimensional part of the family.

Highlight reconnection

After a couple years of COVID-19 restrictions and people feeling more comfortable gathering together, Father’s Day will be extra special to families seeing each other for the first time in a year or more.

Consider what connection means to you and your business as you plan your social media marketing. Bonus points for showcasing how your product or service can help enrich connections too!


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