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How to market for the holidays

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start thinking about your marketing! There are so many events to plan for around this time of year: Halloween, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Christmas, just to name a few. Here’s some of our best tips to prepare your marketing for the holidays.

Fall image with white pumpkins and orange leaves

Promote special holiday sales

The great thing about the holidays is that customers want to shop. The bad thing is that customers are looking for a deal. For the holidays, consider running a special holiday promotion to boost sales for your business. With 52 percent of customers saying they intend to take advantage of holiday deals when purchasing a gift, the time to make a deal is now.

You can make it themed for the holiday you have in mind – for example: “Christmas candles – 50% off!” Let your creativity flow and make a compelling holiday promotion to entice strong sales.

Run a contest or giveaway on social

To get into the spirit of giving, having a good contest and giveaway is an effective way to boost your holiday marketing. A well-designed contest can make sure that more eyes are drawn to your business during a critical time of year.

Some ideas for holiday giveaways? Holiday-themed gift baskets, holiday-themed desserts, a package of your services, or even one big splurge prize. Also make sure that if people want to enter your contest/giveaway, they have to share about it on social media. This will draw more eyes to your contest and ultimately your business.

Create holiday-specific products

Depending on your business, it may not be too late to create holiday-specific products that you can use to boost your sales during the holiday season. If you’re a restaurant, create holiday dishes with ingredients like cranberry, peppermint, etc. If you make unique items like candles, or soap, then make sure you include holiday-themed selections. Anything your business can offer during the holidays that fits the theme can help.

An infamous seasonal product- the pumpkin spice latte
An infamous seasonal product- the pumpkin spice latte

Partner with a local charity

It is the season of giving – consider partnering with a local charity. Mostly because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it allows you to show your customers that you care. Donating some of your holiday proceeds, running a holiday drive, or volunteering with a charity can make good karma come around. Customers like shopping with organizations that make a difference.

Some charities that we recommend: local food banks, UNICEF, Operation Christmas Child, and Make-A-Wish.

Publicize your returns policy

Here’s a not-so-fun thing you should do for the holidays and for your marketing. Make sure you publicize your returns policy. It’s not pleasant to think about, but there’s no such thing as the perfect gift for everybody. Make sure that you make your returns policy obvious during the holidays, just in case. Customers tend to favor stores that make their return policy easy.

Create holiday content

Finally, make sure to craft some holiday content for your marketing for posts to social media. This is the fun part, where you can use Ripl. Create some compelling content in seconds with our seasonal designs – here’s some examples of our designs below.

Holiday scene


Need more tips for your holiday marketing?