How to use Instagram stories for your small business

If you're wondering how to use Instagram stories for small business and you need some inspiration to get started, we've got you covered! Ripl has hundreds of Instagram story templates to choose from, and we've just added a few new Instagram story template collections for small businesses for Fall to help you put your best social foot forward.

These new story templates work for both Instagram stories and Facebook stories, and they provide a wide range of layouts that will work for any business type. You can use the layout of each template as is, or add your own images and text to customize it for your business.

Our Boho Autumn Stories work well for boutiques, e-commerce businesses, product and service business types, beauty businesses, bloggers, bakeries, coffee shops, and more while our Fall Classic Stories are great for realtors, product and service business types, personal brands, restaurants, bars, photographers, and environmental activists.

Today, we'll be highlighting ways to use our new story templates for your business. We'll provide six story ideas and real life examples of stories in action for each.

Read on for six different ideas on how to use Instagram story templates for your small business.

Idea 1: show off a new product

Create your story in Ripl with images of your new product and adjust the text and colors to your preferences.

Then, if you'd like, make any additions in Instagram (or Facebook) and share to your stories!

Click the story to use this story template

Stories in action:

Small local boutiques, September and Prism, regularly show off new product in their Instagram stories.

Idea 2: share a recipe

Break down the ingredients or the steps in your favorite recipe with a story or series of story slides:

Stories in action: The Infatuation highlights the latest trendy drink recipes, and Health by Hales promotes her new recipe.

Idea 3: show off a newly listed property

Share images and videos on your stories from your newest listing, both inside and out!