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How to use Ripl for your e-commerce business

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

In the e-commerce world, life as an online seller is busy. You have to keep up with the platforms that you sell on, work on maintaining your product inventory, and handle important tasks like marketing. Thankfully, Ripl is here to make the marketing portion of your work easier. Here are some ways to use Ripl to benefit your e-commerce business.

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A huge benefit of Ripl is the ability to create engaging videos or stills featuring your products. You can easily create a video to showcase any new products that you’ve produced, using your latest product photos and appealing text.

In addition to showcasing your offerings, you can use Ripl to make any product announcements. For example, if you’re an Amazon seller, you can use videos to announce when your product is available in a new marketplace. Or if your product won any award, use Ripl to announce the latest accolade you’ve received. You could even mention new product improvements that were added based on customer feedback.


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You can also use Ripl to enhance your business profile or website. Most e-commerce websites allow you to have a business profile, where you can upload graphics or photos of your store. You can use Ripl to post videos of your business. Introduce your employees, or unveil your product creation process.

You’ll have to explore what e-commerce platforms support video. It’s important to note that for Amazon, businesses often have to be pre-approved to add a video to their product listings or storefront, while meeting Amazon’s various video guidelines. For Etsy, the process is more open. You can add a video to your shop and for your products, without following as many guidelines, so feel free to be creative. eBay also allows you to post videos on your listing; you just have to embed the video into your product listing.


Finally, you can use Ripl to enhance any promotions you may be running. You can use Ripl to advertise any special holiday promotions that are coming up, or even platform-related events like Amazon Prime Day. If your business does giveaways, you can use Ripl to advertise the details. Additionally, Ripl can be used to make graphics or video for your online ads or email marketing. There are plenty of promotions you can use Ripl for!

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Life is very busy for you as an e-commerce seller. We hope Ripl can make your marketing easier and more effective. Video is an engaging way to attract new customers, and can give you a leg up in the competitive world of e-commerce. Get a head start on your competition and use Ripl today!