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How to use Ripl for your photography business

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

For new photographers trying to showcase their skill, Ripl is the perfect way to promote your business. With the ability to turn your photos into video, you can boost your marketing and catch your customer’s eye. For budding photographers looking to get a head start, here are four ways you can use Ripl.

Ripl for Photography

1. Utilize Slideshow Designs

With Ripl, we provide easy-to-use premade designs that you can use for your videos. We offer Slideshow Designs, which allows you to display multiple photos within the same video. Simply select the photos that you wish to showcase, arrange the order in which you want them displayed, and watch your brand new slideshow appear.

For photographers, we recommend showcasing your diverse portfolio. Include pictures of weddings, landscapes, graduations, or whatever type of photography you specialize in.

Photography example

2. Take Advantage of Video Size

We offer three sizes for video: a square format which is ideal for Instagram, a vertical format which is ideal for phone screens, and a horizontal format ideal for landscape pictures. Depending on the type of photos that you wish to display, choose the size that will best suit your photos. This will ensure that your photos aren’t cropped out or zoomed in.

Ripl app

3. Cross-post on Social Media

After you’re finished creating your video, you can post it anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube. Post the video on the channels where your potential clients are most likely to see it. For photography, at the bare minimum, you should be posting to Facebook and Instagram to advertise your business.

4. Use Our Text Features

Depending on the message you want to send to clients, you can use Ripl’s text features to your advantage. Some important messages to include could be your pricing rates, client testimonials, types of photoshoots that you do, or maybe your contact information for interested customers.

finished example

With these tips, you can use Ripl to jumpstart your photography business and take your marketing to a new professional level. Enjoy!


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