Instagram stories: how & why

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Instagram Stories in neon

Instagram Stories are a relatively new aspect of the Instagram platform. Created in 2016, Instagram Stories have rapidly become an essential place to post, with about 400 million people viewing Instagram Stories daily in 2018.

Stories are a great way to get people viewing your social media because they are always at the top of the page. This means you spend less time worrying about when to post! Furthermore, because Stories disappear after 24 hours, it is a great way to update your followers on the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business.

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Instagram Stories also make it easy for your business to interact with customers on social media. Unlike any other type of post, Instagram stories allow your customers to swipe up and follow a link to a landing page, blog post, or promotional offer.

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Stories also open up another form of communication with your followers because they can comment on your picture and it will show up in your direct messages. So ask some questions to get to know you customer and grow your relationships with them.




Your customers are out there

Get inspired with thumb-stopping templates
and marketing tips designed to
help every small business. 

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Real Estate Agents

Highlight your properties on social media
and go from listed to SOLD.

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Restaurants, Cafés & Bakeries

Share new menus or hours, then
give your customers a peek into
the making of your secret sauce.

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Retail Shops & Online Stores

Grow your sales with posts that highlight
offers, show off new products, and help
drive customers to your business.

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Facebook & Instagram ads

Create branded video ads
that reach your customers and
get you noticed.

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YouTube intros

Get noticed, attract more viewers, 
and grow subscribers with
professional-looking video intros.