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July 2024 social media holiday content calendar

Updated: Jun 27

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Welcome to July! It's time to pull out a cold drink, put on some fashionable sunglasses, and get to planning your social media content (so you can go catch some rays).

This social media holiday and content calendar is here to help you track important dates in July. Use this to help you build out your social media content calendar for the month and as inspiration when you're unsure of what to post.

Click on any of the dates below to jump to the day or keep scrolling for important days and hashtags in July 2024, as well as social media post templates and collections for this month.

Monday, July 1st 2024: Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! Let's celebrate all the things that make Canada awesome. Share your favorite stories, memories, or experiences that show what you love about this country. Or, talk about cool Canadian achievements, diverse culture, and the amazing natural beauty of this wonderful country.

Canada Day hashtags:

# CanadaDay2024 # CanadaDay # ProudToBeCanadian

Canada Day social media post templates:

Monday, July 1st 2024: Wimbledon

Game, set, match! Wimbledon is here, the ultimate tennis showdown. Get ready for thrilling matches and unforgettable moments on the grass courts.

Wimbledon hashtags:

# Wimbledon2024 # TennisFever # Tennis

Wimbledon social media post templates:

Thursday, July 4th 2024: Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Join us for a fun-filled celebration of our nation's freedom and add the holiday posts to your feed to honor this special day.

Independence Day hashtags:

# IndependenceDay2024 # July4th # 4thofJuly

Independence Day social media post templates:

Friday, July 5th 2024: Share a summer this or that

Enjoy some summer vibes with your followers by posting a fun this-or-that challenge on social media!

This or that hashtag:

# ThisorThat

Summer this or that social media post templates:

Sunday, July 7th 2024: World Chocolate Day

Who can say no to chocolate? Share your favorite chocolate creations or tell us how you're celebrating this delicious day. Anyone up for some brownies?

World Chocolate Day hashtags:

# WorldChocolateDay # ChocolateLovers # SweetIndulgence

World Chocolate Day social media post templates:

Monday, July 8th 2024: Ice Cream Sundae Day

Celebrate the delightful combination of creamy goodness, delectable toppings, and sweet indulgence. Share your favorite ice cream sundae creation, a memorable sundae experience, or your go-to toppings.

Ice Cream Sundae Day hashtags:

# IceCreamSundaeDay # SundaeLovers

Ice Cream Sundae Day social media post templates:

Wednesday, July 10th 2024: National Kitten Day

Celebrate the adorable furballs that bring joy to our lives. Share your cute kitten photos and heartwarming adoption stories.

National Kitten Day hashtags:

# NationalKittenDay # KittenLove # AdorableFurballs

National Kitten Day social media post templates:

Sunday, July 14th 2024: Bastille Day

Celebrate Bastille Day! Join in the festive spirit by sharing your favorite French-inspired activities, memorable experiences, or delicious recipes. Vive la France!

Bastille Day hashtags:

# BastilleDay # FrenchPride # ViveLaFrance

Bastille Day social media templates:

Monday, July 15th 2024: Give Something Away Day

Spread the joy of giving. Spread love and joy by sharing what you're giving away or how you're making a positive impact today. Let's inspire generosity and kindness!

Give Something Away Day hashtags:

# GiveSomethingawayDay # SpreadTheJoy # ActsOfKindness

Give Something Away Day social media post templates:

Tuesday, July 16th 2024: National Cherry Day

Post about your favorite cherry recipes, refreshing drinks, or memories of picking cherries. Let's savor the vibrant taste of cherries!

National Cherry Day hashtag:

# nationalcherryday # cherry

National Cherry Day social media post templates:

Wednesday, July 17th 2024: World Emoji Day

Meet World Emoji Day! 🎉🌍 Share your go-to emojis, clever emoji combos, or stories inspired by emojis. Join in celebrating this universal language of expression!

World Emoji Day hashtags:

# WorldEmojiDay # ExpressYourself # EmojisEverywhere

World Emoji Day social media post templates:

Thursday, July 18th 2024: Nelson Mandela International Day

Today, we reflect on the enduring legacy of Nelson Mandela, a visionary leader who continues to inspire. Share meaningful quotes, personal stories, or acts of kindness that embody Mandela's commitment to peace and equality. Let's come together to honor and celebrate his profound impact on the world.

Nelson Mandela International Day hashtags:

# NelsonMandelaDay # RememberingMandela # LegacyOfHope

Nelson Mandela International Day social media post templates:

Sunday, July 21st 2024: National Ice Cream Day

Ice cream has a way of making everything better. How will you plan this sweet day?

National Ice Cream Day hashtags:

# IceCreamDay # CoolAndSweet

National Ice Cream Day social media post templates:

Sunday, July 21st 2024: National Junk Food Day

What are your favorite guilty pleasures and homemade creations? Let's celebrate Junk Food Day with a post dedicated to indulging in our favorite treats.

National Junk Food Day hashtag:

# JunkFoodDay

National Junk Food Day social media post templates:

Wednesday 24th, 2024: International Self Care Day

Recognize International Self Care Day by prioritizing your well-being and sharing your favorite self-care practices. Highlight the importance of nurturing ourselves and promoting a healthy balance in life.

International Self Care Day hashtags:

# selfcare # LoveYourself

International Self Care Day social media post templates:

Friday, July 26th 2024: Disability Independence Day

Embracing independence and inclusivity, let's celebrate the achievements and abilities of individuals with disabilities. Together, we can create a more inclusive and accessible world.

Disability Independence Day hashtag:

# DisabilityIndependenceDay

Disability Independence Day social media post templates:

Saturday, July 27th 2024: Post your back-to-school sales

Make preparation for back to school easier for parents and students by sharing your sales and specials.

Back to school sales hashtag:

# backtoschool2024