Make the most of the comment section

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Sometimes we focus a ton of effort on creating the perfect picture or video. However, what you do in the comments section or caption of a post can have a huge impact on your effectiveness on social media! So here are four ways to boost your social media by utilizing the comments section of your post.

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1. Comment on other people’s posts

A great way to grow the number of followers you and your business have is by commenting on other people’s posts. Everyone loves being told that they made an awesome video or have taken a great picture! Therefore, when you see something you like make sure and let that person know… it could very well be your next customer!

send love

2. Put a question in your caption

One way to instantly increase engagement is by including a question in your caption. Ask questions that get your followers engaged in your business… maybe see what item they really want or ask about the different ways they use your product!

Ripl comment

3. Respond to your followers

When someone comments on your picture make sure to send them some love back! It is extremely important to acknowledge people who take time our of their own day to compliment you. And if they offer ways that they think your business can improve, make sure and say thanks for the feedback! Whether it is a simple thanks or a conversation starter, responding to your followers is a great way to drive engagement and grow you business through social media.

Check out this comment section to see how to effectively respond to people giving you love!

comment feed

4. Use Hashtags

Last week we devoted an entire article to the importance of hashtags and how to use them. For the purpose of this article, hashtags are a great way to bring attention to your comment or caption. In your caption hashtags can draw different people to your post which will increase engagement and lead to more followers!

The image above shows a great way to create more engagements with hashtags on Instagram!

If you missed the blog last week make sure and click here to learn more about hashtags.



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