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Post Directly to Instagram from the Ripl Web App!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

mobile with Instagram logo

We have exciting news to share: You can now post from the Ripl Web App directly to Instagram!

Ripl app

The release of this new feature adds even more benefit to the Ripl Web App for all of our customers, especially those who post to Instagram often.

Ready to start creating and posting on Instagram directly? In order to get started, update your account to a professional account so you can take advantage of this time saving technology. Instagram requires you to have a ‘Business’ type account in order to be able to post directly. Here’s how to switch your Instagram account from a Personal to a “Business” type. (Don’t worry, we also provide a simple tutorial for you to follow within the Ripl Web App also.)

switching to Instagram Business

Here’s more information about this new time-saving opportunity:

Which posts can be shared directly to Instagram now via the Ripl Web App?

  • Single images and videos created with Ripl. You can share your Ripl posts to your Instagram feed as long as you’ve connected your Instagram Business account first, using the Social Accounts choices on your Ripl Web App “Business Settings” menu.

Ripl app

Which posts will you still need to use your Ripl Mobile App to publish to Instagram?

  • Posts scheduled for personal Instagram profiles, made with either your Mobile or Web Ripl Apps.

For those of you who have only used Ripl as an iOS or Android Mobile App, this is a great time to try out the desktop compatible Web App! Simply visit and log in to the Web App from upper right corner of the webpage.

Create something beautiful and post it to Instagram today!


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