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Ripl 101: How to connect your social media accounts and schedule your Ripl posts

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Follow this easy guide to maximize Ripl for your business and start scheduling and posting your Ripl posts on social media today.

Step one: Create a Ripl post

Start from scratch or choose from hundreds of customizable templates.

Step two: Download your post

Once you’re happy with how your post looks, from the "Customize" window, click the “Next” button.

The customize screen in the Ripl app where you can edit your social media post

Select where you’d like your Ripl to be downloaded from two "Select Destination" options: "Share to my social media or save to device" or "Submit as a Facebook & Instagram Ad."

Download post options in the Ripl app

You’ll be taken to a page with options to caption your post, connect your social media channels, and schedule your post.

Schedule your social media post to any account or save it for later

Step three: Connect your social media accounts

Click any of the “Connect” buttons next to a social media account to connect that account with your Ripl account.

Note: You can also connect social media accounts by going to “My Brand” > "Settings" > “Social Accounts” on the web app, or “My Business” > “Social Media Accounts” on the mobile app.

Step four: Schedule your Ripl post

Tapping "Schedule Post" will allow you to pick a date and time for your post to share. The final "Share" button should change to "Schedule" once you've successfully scheduled your post.

Scheduling your social media post in the Ripl app

Instagram Note: Instagram does not allow apps to post videos on your behalf. If you schedule a post to go to Instagram, we will send you a notification at your scheduled time to remind you to complete the post. If you have notifications turned off for Ripl, you won't see this prompt! We copy the caption you entered in Ripl, so simply tap the notification to open Ripl, then tap "Launch Instagram" and you'll be taken directly to the posting screen in Instagram.

Step five: View or change your scheduled Ripl posts

  • Go to “My Posts” on the web app, or “My business” on the mobile app.

  • Click on “Schedule” on the navigation bar under your business name. Days with scheduled posts or saved Ripl creations will have dots.

  • Tap on the date that the post is scheduled for and scroll to the bottom of the calendar to tap on the post. You can Duplicate, Reshare or Delete the post.

The calendar tool in the Ripl app makes it easy to schedule your social media posts for your business

That’s it!

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