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Ripl 2019: A Year in Review

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Over the past twelve months, we’ve made many improvements and updates to Ripl. To see how far we’ve come over the past 12 months, here’s Ripl’s year in review:


A Record-Breaking Number of Ripl Posts Shared

This year, our users shared over 3,250,000 Ripl posts across multiple social media networks! We loved seeing these creative posts, and look forward to seeing even more Ripl posts in 2020.

Our Top 3 Templates

Below you’ll find the top three Ripl templates of the year. These were the templates that were the most popular with Ripl users. If you want to use the template for your own creations, just click the links below.

Ripl’s number one template:

Ripl's #1 template

Ripl's number two template

Ripl's #2 template

Ripl's number three template

Ripl's #3 template

New Features

Ripl’s new look

A few months ago, we updated Ripl’s look! Besides updating our logo, we changed the navigation of the app to help create a smoother, more organized experience for our users. To find out more about Ripl’s new look, you can read our previous blog post.

Improved weekly recommendations

Recently, we focused on improving our weekly recommendations. Ripl’s weekly recommendations are now tailored to your business and include seasonal or holiday recommendations. This feature helps you to share new content on social media in just a few minutes. You’ll receive recommendations for every day of the week, so you can schedule your posts up to 7 days in advance. Learn more here.

Video support

Another major update that happened in 2019 was that Ripl now supports video! You can add video clips to your Ripl creations, with lengths of up to 60 seconds. Additionally, if you’re a Ripl Pro member, you can download your Ripl posts in full HD.

End card

To add more consistency to your posts, we’ve also introduced the end card feature this year for iOS customers. With the end card feature, you can add your logo and business contact information to the end of your animated Ripl posts. You can adjust your end card settings in the Settings section.

Ripl app

New inspirations

Finally, we’ve added over 1200 inspiration posts this year. With these new inspiration posts, we hope that you’ll find the process of creating branded social media posts for your business easier.

An example of our Inspiration feed


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