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Ripl Case Study | ausEE Inc.

Updated: May 31, 2020

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How ausEE Inc. uses Ripl

Who: Sarah Gray | President/Founder | ausEE Inc.

We asked Sarah, the founder of ausEE Inc. to share insights about how she uses Ripl at her charity, which is dedicated to improving lives affected by eosinophilic disorders.

Why did you need Ripl?

To effectively promote our charity, ausEE Inc., I needed a new and exciting way to connect our message with our audience and to raise awareness for our cause.

How did Ripl help?

Through Ripl, we are able to share photos and tell stories about our charity and the people’s lives it touches. Additionally, we can promote key fundraising initiatives and celebrate every success we have along the way!


As part of our ausEE’s marketing program, I use Ripl to promote awareness weeks like Feeding Tube Awareness Week and Rare Disease Day, promote items in our online gift shop, share the progress of our fundraising campaigns, thank our supporters, announce exciting news, post snapshots of our awarded medical research grants, provide a year in review of our achievements, and much more!

Key Benefits & Results

  • More followers to online accounts

  • More views for online posts

  • More customer awareness and interest

  • Save time and effort on marketing

Ripls from ausEE Inc.


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