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Ripl Case Study | Collegiate Sports Advocate

Updated: May 31, 2020


Who: Cheri Naudin | President, Owner, CEO, Marketing | Collegiate Sports Advocate

Why did Collegiate Sports Advocate need Ripl?

Collegiate Sports Advocate, Cheri Naudin, chose Ripl because she wanted to have creative visuals that stood out from her competitors, to send to Student Athletes across multiple Social Media platforms.

Their mission: Help College Coaches notice Student Athletes

How did Ripl help?

Quick, effective, interaction that helps Collegiate Sports Advocate grow! Ripl is CSA’s company marketing tool.

Key Benefits & Results:

“We doubled our website traffic in one year using RIPL.”

Ripl has brought a consistent brand message with the CSA logo automatically featured in each post. Collegiate Sports Advocate’s audience quickly spots each of their posts because they are branded with the CSA logo and colors, and highlight their messages.

Collegiate Sports Advocate increased likes, follows and interactions because viewers who are not yet customers are seeing CSA promotions crafted with Ripl.

Ripl saves Collegiate Sports Advocate time and marketing effort because they can schedule posts to be shared at a future date. As a very small company representing over 300 Student Athletes nationwide, Collegiate Sports Advocate benefited from a good tool.

Advice For Other Ripl Users


More About CSA

Collegiate Sports Advocate helped over 300 Student Athletes in 27 States with over 107 Travel Clubs, and currently has 114 athletes committed to attend or playing in college.

There is no other company like Collegiate Sports Advocate. We get classified with other “recruiting” firms, but we’re so much more as we STAY with them until they GRADUATE College, which is the real purpose.


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