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Ripl Case Study | fit1fitness Barre Classes

Updated: May 31, 2020

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Who: Linda Burns | Owner/Manager | fit1fitness Barre Classes

We asked Linda, the founder of fit1fitness Barre Classes to talk about some of the ways she uses Ripl in her fitness and health education business.

Why did you need Ripl?

I needed Ripl to create promotional advertisements that attract new people from my various social media channels to my fitness classes.

How did Ripl help?

Ripl helped me in two key ways. First, Ripl helped make my ads interesting and eye-catching to all my viewers. Second, with Ripl, I was able to make my ads without investing too much time or effort into creating the customized my designs.


What are the key benefits and results you experienced?

Ripl allowed me to save time and effort on my marketing program. Additionally, I gained more followers to my online accounts, more views for my online posts, and greater customer awareness and interest—all while generating content that was more visually interesting.


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