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Ripl Case Study | Mattie’s Delectable Desserts

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

dessert and eatery

Who: Brenda Bernard | Mattie’s Delectable Desserts

Why did Mattie’s Delectable Desserts need Ripl?

Mattie’s Delectable Desserts needed Ripl to help with their marketing efforts.

How did Ripl help?

The Ripl app gave Brenda and Mattie’s Delectable Desserts more of an advertising presence, plus she received great feedback from customers. “The Ripl app is a user friendly app that gives me flexibility to market my business.”


Key Benefits & Results

  • Customized branded content

  • More followers to online accounts

  • More views for online posts

  • More customer awareness and interest

  • Save time and effort on marketing

This post had over 23 engagements across Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

Between Instagram & Facebook this post had over 220 views, with 24 total engagements


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