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Ripl Case Study | Signature Premier Properties

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

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Who: Jennifer Gonis | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson | Signature Premier Properties

Why did Signature Premier Properties need Ripl?

Jennifer was looking for a user friendly tool to market her brand, business and listings. Ripl was the answer to getting people’s attention with beauty and professional quality.

How did Ripl help?


Key Benefits & Results

Facebook and Instagram are the primary focus for Jennifer. She found posts using Ripl have customized branded content and Ripl saves time and effort on marketing, creating and customizing a video in mere minutes.

Favorite Feature: The wide range of different templates and continual addition of new designs.

This post had over 1,500 views on Facebook.

Since published on Facebook, this post has been shared 5 times.

Jennifer saw more than 40 engagements on this post on Instagram.


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