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Ripl Case Study | Southern Scape, LLC

Updated: May 20, 2020

How Southern Scape, LLC uses Ripl

Who: Mitzi Connell | Social Media Marketer | Southern Scape, LLC

Why did you need Ripl? I needed Ripl to help showcase current high-end landscaping projects all over the southeast United States. Ripl helps me create professional social media posts that are attention-grabbing and encourage a call-to-action.

How did Ripl help? Ripl makes video creation easy, and offers great styles and themes. The app is very well created and easy to use! We’ve had great responses thus far!

I usually wait a long periods of time before I invest in the paid version of an app… With one use of Ripl, I knew I had found a winner. I purchased their monthly plan immediately and, soon thereafter, I hopped on their special offer of a discounted full year subscription. (No need to ask me twice!)

Now, they’ve branched out to build a creative community with a private Facebook group. I enjoy seeing everyone’s designs! Ripl and their team of professionals are much more than simply an app. Much, much more. Thank you!

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Key Benefits & Results

  • Customized branded content

  • More followers to online accounts

  • More views for online posts

  • More customer awareness and interest

  • Save time and effort on marketing


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