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Ripl Case Study | The Blessings Butterfly

Updated: May 31, 2020

 The Blessings Butterfly

Who: Michelle Lewis | Creator/Founder/CEO | The Blessings Butterfly

We asked Michelle, the founder of The Blessings Butterfly to share how she uses Ripl in her life coach and positive mentoring business.

Why did you need Ripl?

I happily stumbled across Ripl after seeing it mentioned in social media. I was looking for a way to showcase my photos and messages that was polished and professional. I decided to check Ripl out, and fell in love with how easy it is to use.

How did Ripl help?

Ripl is great for catching the attention of readers who might otherwise scroll past a plain text message. It’s a great tool and I love using it to punch up my newsfeed and serve my readers well!

Some of the ads I create are used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and those have been great for driving traffic to my website. I have seen a significant increase in engagement whenever I use a Ripl post, and people are more likely to share the videos as well.


Also, I recently started a private Facebook group in which I share powerful mantras, guided meditations, affirmations and messages of hope for women who are healing from very painful experiences. Ripl has made it so easy to create beautiful visuals for supporting my tribe!

What are the key benefits and results you experienced?

Ripl allowed me to create customized and branded content while saving time and effort on my marketing program. Additionally, I gained more followers to my online accounts, more views for my online posts, and greater customer awareness and interest—all while generating content that was more visually interesting.

Ripls from The Blessings Butterfly


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