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Ripl Case Study | The Real Estate Sales Center

Updated: May 31, 2020

couple looking at houses on street

Who: Leslie Seabury | Broker/Owner | The Real Estate Sales Center

Why did you need Ripl?

Finding a marketing tool that offers professional presentations at an affordable price (and one that’s easy to use!) is critical for me as a real estate broker.

How did Ripl help?

Ripl lets me create engaging information in a video presentation that allows me to highlight the features and benefits of my products. Other services want to post for me on Facebook, but it’s generic and uninteresting. I’d rather pay for RIPL and have fresh attractive posts instead of paying for a “convenience” that is boring.


Ripl also allows me to show off professionally without bragging. In real estate, it’s all in the presentation and I only have one chance to make a great first impression. With Ripl, I get results from an app that’s affordable.

Key Benefits & Results

  • Customized branded content

  • More followers to online accounts

  • More views for online posts

  • More customer awareness and interest

  • Save time and effort on marketing


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