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Ripl Case Study | Tui Snider

Updated: May 21, 2020

How Tui Snider uses Ripl

Who: Tui Snider | Author & Speaker | Follow her on Twitter or Facebook

We asked Tui Snider, author, speaker and rabid Ripl-enthusiast to share her experiences promoting her books and brand with Ripl.

How did you first discover Ripl? Purely by chance! I couldn’t sleep one night, so I grabbed my iPhone and started browsing through the App Store. I downloaded Ripl and had a blast creating my first video. Most productive bout of insomnia ever!


In what ways do you primarily use Ripl? I’m an author, so my main use for Ripl is creating book trailers for myself and my friends. Ripl also offers a way for me to showcase my music and photography.

Top 5 reasons why you love Ripl?

Easy to use I’ve been writing books for years, but only recently created a book trailer. Why? Because most video creation software is so complicated and it sucks the fun out of creating. As someone who hates reading directions, I truly appreciate how intuitive Ripl is. Unlike other video creation software, I was able to make something right away. I didn’t have to spend hours figuring it out. I just started playing around and everything was laid out so logically that I had my first video done in less than an hour.

Affordability I’m an indie author and my advertising budget is limited. Ripl is so affordable and easy to use that when a friend of mine released a book of ghost stories, I made a book trailer just for the fun of it and she loved the results.

Helpful Templates Prior to finding Ripl, I’d mucked around with fancy video editing software for hours on end, with mediocre results. So frustrating! The templates included with Ripl are so helpful. They add just enough structure to get me started, but enough flexibility to create a unique video that fits my brand image.

Portability The fact that it’s an iPhone app makes it so portable! Now, when I’m stuck in an unproductive situation, such as waiting at the doctor’s office, I open Ripl and start having fun. It’s productive goofing off!

Easy Sharing Naturally, once you’ve made a beautiful video with the Ripl app, you’ll want to share it online. Ripl makes this procedure easy-peasy.

What results do you get from Ripl? Ripl makes me look good! Every time I post one, other authors ask me how I created it. They usually don’t believe me at first when I tell them how easy it is to use. I’ve even entered my latest Ripl video into a book trailer contest. I’ll let you know if I win!


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