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The top 9 marketing news this week

Updated: May 29, 2020

Need some marketing inspiration? We’ve collected our favorite articles of the month to help inspire your marketing this February. Read below to see our top picks….


1. “Nine Ways to Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy” by Dr. Felicia Phillips, Atlanta Small Business Network

Summary: Video is a great way to improve marketing results. Nine ways to add video to your marketing strategy include announcements, reviews, emails, demos, training, interviews, events, blog, and social media.

Summary: Have you seen the LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder meme that’s going all over the internet? CNN tracked down the original poster and it appears to have been Dolly Parton who was the trendsetter.

Summary: 9 out of 10 customers have used social media to interact with a brand, so it’s important to know how to manage social media customer service requests. SAP’s top advice: Figure out if you’ll manage the social media service requests in public or in private.

Summary: Nearly half of small businesses don’t have a website, which means they’re missing critical marketing opportunities! The article outlines all the reasons why you should consider creating a website, such as visibility, your competitors are already online, customer service, and gaining an additional revenue channel.

5. “What Men Want- Analyzing Their Shopping Behavior” by Rieva Lesonsky, Small Business News

Summary: A recent consumer study found that men are shopping more than women on most platforms and sales channels. With this in mind, the article outlines what you must know to attract male customers, including price considerations, providing an online shopping experience, and offering good deals.

6. “5 Proven Small Business Marketing Strategies for 2020” by Daniel Ndukwu, Business 2 Community

Summary: Small business owners don’t have the resources to waste on bad marketing. The author talks about proven marketing strategies that have worked for his business, which include: standing for a cause, hosting a podcast, using forums, going to meetups and conferences, and building partnerships.

Summary: If you’re just starting to market your small business, Constant Contact compiled a large list of beginner-friendly marketing strategies you can try. Their suggestions include: email newsletters, sales emails, Instagram stories, YouTube, Pinterest, testimonials, discounts, and word of mouth.

Summary: If you want to keep your top employees, you need to have a positive work culture. Credibly outlines some cost-effective steps to retain your employees, and why improving your business’s culture can save you money in the long run.

Summary: For 2020, Forbes predicts 7 trends that will affect small businesses. Their predictions: small main-street businesses will make a comeback, there will be less of a reliance on big tech companies, marketers will rely less on big data, side hustles will become real businesses, sustainability will be focused on more, AI use will increase, and more small businesses will go cashless.