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Video trends for 2020

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Not all predictions come true, but when it comes to video trends, these are a safe bet. Curious about where the future of video lies in 2020? Read our predictions for your video ads below:


Shoppable videos

Just like shoppable pictures, you can expect shoppable videos to be more popular over the coming year. With a shoppable video, customers can watch a video of your featured product, then click on the video tag to go to your website and purchase it. Shoppable videos will be particularly popular for retail and eCommerce sellers.

Two of the main platforms where you can expect to see shoppable platforms are Instagram and Snapchat. Make sure to take advantage of this trend by creating videos showcasing your products! You can create shoppable videos using Ripl, all you need is to make sure you feature a product within your video. Once you’re approved for an Instagram or Snapchat shoppable business account, then you’ll be able to tag your product within the video and customers can start shopping.

More video stories

As the popularity of Facebook and Instagram Stories rises, so will the use of video for these platforms. Stories are short-lived videos that disappear within 24 hours. Stories require low effort, and they’ve increased in popularity over the past few years.

As you use Stories in the new year, make sure to include Ripl videos, which allow you to create videos with the vertical format suitable for Stories. Stories are particularly good for showing off new products and making updates!

An increase of silent videos

68% of consumers watch videos to learn about new products, and Ripl makes it easy to create videos for your new product lineups. However, you should consider making videos that can be seen in silent mode.

A majority of online viewers watch videos on silent mode, as most online videos automatically play now in silent mode when viewers are on their phones. A Verizon study found 92% of consumers now watch videos with the sound off on their phone. As you create your videos, anticipate that your video may be listened to with audio. Create captions for your videos and consider skipping a musical soundtrack.

Transcribed text

As silent videos gain popularity, having transcriptions for your video is a good idea for viewers to know what your video is about. Transcription is also popular for viewers with hearing disabilities, which expands the accessibility of your video.

There are several apps you can use to transcribe your videos. Popular options include MixCaptions and CaptionThis.

Videos are posted more often

As video continues to explode in popularity, you can expect to see videos posted more often on social media. Social Media Examiner found that most marketers plan to increase their number of video ads for both Facebook and Instagram. For 2020, we recommend posting at least 2 videos a week. Now that you know 2020’s expected trends, we can’t wait to see the videos you post!


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