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12 Back to school social media templates

Back to school social media templates

Summer is quickly coming to a close and a new school year is on the horizon which means it's time to prepare for back to school season.

Reach parents and students online with these 12 back to school social media templates and start preparing for the busy season now.

General back to school templates

With students eager to get back in classrooms and see friends, make sure they feel welcome and have everything they need to know to comeback safely and healthy. Click on any template to customize a back to school message.

Back to school sales templates

Students and parents alike look for the best ways to save money on back to school essentials. Advertise your sales and specials with a post.

Back to school donation drive templates

If your school or local businesses are hosting school supply donation drives, let the community know on social media! Share what items are needed or what people can do to help local students.


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