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22 social media post ideas for 2022 (with examples!)

22 social media content ideas for small businesses

We are two months into 2022 and to celebrate, we are sharing 22 social media post ideas you can add to your marketing plan in the upcoming months.

Post idea #1 - Product tutorial

Use a short-form video like Reels or TikTok to show a short tutorial on a product you offer. A tutorial post entices potential customers and can show current customers a new way to use your product like this Reel from Briogeo Hair Care.

Post idea #2 - Show off your merch

For businesses that aren’t traditionally product-based, like restaurants or a service-based business, merchandise can be a fun way to bring in another revenue stream and increase your brand awareness. The Pink Pony is a bar with a cute mascot that looks great on a sweatshirt, as modeled here.

Post idea #3 - New flavor or product announcement

Get your followers excited about the latest and greatest from your business like this bold flavor announcement from Rachel’s Ginger Beer.

Post idea #4 - Engaging post

Increase your account’s engagement with an eye-catching post partnered with a caption that asks a simple question to get your followers to respond. This post from Shake Shack is simple but effective and sure to bring out some strong opinions.

Post idea #5 - Post about your open positions

Social media is a great place to focus your recruiting efforts and find qualified people to fill your open roles like this post from Society6.

Post idea #6 - Show off happy customers

Happy customers attract more happy customers! Showing real photos like this post from Shug’s Soda Fountain shows an authentic side to your business and makes people more likely to follow you.

Post idea #7 - Just for fun

Show the goofier side of your brand like this post from The Sill. They manage to show off their products and talk about them in the caption while catching your attention with the cute work-from-home pup.

Post idea #8 - Answer an industry question

Head to Reels to answer a common question in your industry, like this video from realtor Mynka Morris. It’s short, educational, and engaging.

Post idea #9 - Introduce yourself

One of the best parts of a small business is the intimate connection with your customers and followers. In order to help newcomers feel more welcome, an introduction post is always a good idea like this post from Liz Martinez.

Post idea #10 - Post about holiday specials

Find ways to celebrate the seasons like this cute idea from Pies ‘n’ Thighs. It’s cute, fun, and gives enough information for customers to make an order.

Post idea #11 - Quick tips

Small tips can have a big impact on your engagement. Take inspiration from Construction Pro Tips like this small hack they shared.

Post idea #12 - Celebrate a win

From personal accomplishments to business milestones, marking occasions with a post gives others an opportunity to celebrate with you, like this post from Breegan Jane.

Post idea #13 - Post about something unique to your business

Small quirks and charms can be part of the magic that makes customers shop with small businesses. Shakespeare and Company posted customer sketches of the bookstore’s beloved resident cat.

Post idea #14 - Reshare a popular post from other social media channels

A popular social media trend is to turn tweets from Twitter into static image posts for your other social feeds. This funny tweet from Meow Wolf gets more life on their Instagram feed.

Post idea #15 - Celebrate your community

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, posting about the local neighborhood or community is fun to celebrate what you are a part of. This post from Visit Seoul reminds you to slow down and appreciate the small things.

Post idea #16 - Create FOMO

Clear skies and drinks with friends sound like a great combination, and Scarborough Beach Bar does a great job of making you want both!

Post idea #17 - Keep followers informed

Keeping your followers informed on local events is another creative idea to increase community engagement. David Batagower is a realtor and uses a post like this to give monthly updates for new and existing customers.

Post idea #18 - Share special offers

Use a post that gives followers a reminder of time-sensitive specials and offers like Hawaii Yoga Institute’s early-bird discount.

Post idea #19 - Show how you give back

Customers are becoming more interested in knowing where their money is going and the values behind the businesses they support. The Asian American Girl Club does a great job of sharing how they’re giving back and providing some context behind their goal.

Post idea #20 - Reshare customer content

Branded hashtags and Instagrammable backgrounds like this one from Pop Up Grocer are a great way to build brand affinity and generate quality user-generated content or UGC.

Post idea #21 - Show your products in action

Showing how your product works, moves, or fits helps customers with the shopping experience. Nube uses a post to demonstrate how their yoga clothes work while doing yoga—simple but effective!

Post idea #22 - Take your audience behind the scenes

Social media followers love to know what goes on behind the perfectly curated image social media famously portrays. Give your followers a peek behind the curtain like this post from Ballard Pizza Company.


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