How to prepare a 2021 social marketing plan for your small business

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The new year is fast approaching! As your business prepares to enter the new year, putting a focus on social media marketing can make a huge difference. Keep reading for our top tips to consider when preparing a 2021 marketing plan for your small business.

2021 calendar planning

Determine your goals and objectives

Think about what you want to accomplish as a small business in 2021. Do you want to increase sales? Launch new product lines? Increase your social media follower count? Define specific, measurable goals for your social media marketing in 2021 and structure your social media strategy around these goals.

Consider using the SMART method when defining your small business goals:

  • Specific - be specific about what you want to accomplish. Answer the what, why, how, when, and where questions.

  • Measurable - ensure you can accurately measure your goal. What metrics are you going to use? Common metrics for social campaigns include engagement and reach.

  • Attainable - set an attainable, realistic goal for yourself. Think about whether you have all the tools and skills necessary to accomplish each goal.

  • Relevant - be sure that your goals are in line with your company strategy.

  • Timely - think hard on the timeline of your goals and when you're projecting to accomplish them. Remember to be realistic!

Create your social media marketing content calendar

The best way to be prepared for marketing your small business in the new year is to plan out your marketing content calendar for the year. Lay out your major business updates, holidays, promotions, product launches, goals, and any other important milestones in the new year. You'll want to build social media content around these moments.

For some small businesses, it can be difficult to predict what you’ll post about in a few months. If that’s the case, then just plan on marketing themes you may want to try in the upcoming months. Here are some common themes by month:

January themes

  • Resolutions

  • Clean up and clean out

  • Fitness and wellness, self care

  • Dry January

February themes

  • Romance and love

  • Coworker appreciation

  • Black History Month

March themes

  • Spring cleaning

  • Spring break

  • Gardening and crafting

  • March Madness

April themes

  • Spring cleaning and organization

  • Showers and weddings

  • Baseball

  • Planning for summer

  • Ramadan begins

May themes

  • BBQs and camping

  • Showers, weddings, and graduations

  • Summer planning

June themes

  • Summer vacations, BBQs, and outdoor activities

  • Dads and grads

  • Pride month

July themes

  • Summer activities

  • Fourth of July

August themes

  • End of summer

  • Back to school

  • Black Business Month

  • Fall trends

September themes

  • Back to school

  • End of summer sales

  • Football season and tailgating

  • Fall fashion and fall trends

  • Oktoberfest